Rumor Patrol: Destiny 2 Delayed from Planned September Release


Kotaku reports that sources familiar with Bungie have confirmed that the unannounced Destiny 2 has been delayed from its planned September 2016 release.

Usually games are officially announced before fans are slapped with a release date delay, but that's not the case with the rumored Destiny 2. Apparently the game was due for release in September of this year, but the higher-ups at Bungie have decided to delay it to a later, undetermined date.

This news comes from Kotaku, who claim to have spoken with sources "familiar with Bungie." How far along Destiny 2 is in development or what it will entail remain a mystery, but if Bungie was planning on releasing it in September, it seems reasonable to assume that the game is fairly far along in development.

Kotaku's sources claim that Bungie's plans for Destiny are constantly shifting, to the point that not even everyone employed at Bungie is aware of Destiny 2's delay just yet. An example of these constantly shifting plans points to how Bungie has handled Destiny's microtransactions. The original plan was to make the microtransactions cosmetic-only, but as Destiny players know, Bungie has started selling subclass booster packs as well.

More evidence of Bungie's "constantly shifting" work atmosphere can be found if one examines the development of the original Destiny. For example, Bungie significantly altered story content from Destiny before shipping the game, and seem to have altered their long-term DLC release plans for it on a couple of different occasions.

Destiny The Dawning Tower Travler

Unfortunately, there's no real way to confirm these rumors unless Bungie makes an official announcement – a prospect that seems like a stretch, to say the least. If the company's plans for Destiny's future are changing so much, it wouldn't make sense for Bungie to say anything unless something was truly decided and set in stone.

As for Destiny 2 itself, it's probably safe to assume that the game exists in some capacity. Considering the massive sales success of Destiny, which holds the record for the most pre-ordered new IP in video game history, it would be absurd if Activision and Bungie weren't at least discussing possibilities for the sequel. That being said, it's possible that Destiny 2 could be retooled into another big expansion for the original Destiny, as we saw with The Taken King.

Whatever form Destiny 2 takes, fans of the franchise should be able to expect at least some new content this year. While Bungie has somewhat slowed down new content for the game since launching The Taken King last September, Destiny's first major event of 2016, Crimson Days, will kick off next month. Hopefully it's enough to keep longtime guardians engaged with the game while they wait patiently for concrete news on what Destiny's future holds.

Destiny is currently available for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

Source: Kotaku

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