Destiny 2: How to Unlock the Deathbringer Exotic Rocket Launcher

destiny 2 shadowkeep deathbringer rocket launcher

After a rocky start due to a massive server shutdown by Bungie, players finally have their hands on Destiny 2: Shadowkeep. While some players are busy exploring the new (yet familiar) Moon patrol zone, others are busy grinding through the story to get raid ready for the Garden of Salvation. For some, that means finding the best and most powerful gear that Shadowkeep has to offer, and one such weapon is the Deathbringer exotic rocket launcher. There are several steps players will need to complete to get their hands on this powerful exotic

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Get Eris Morn's Necklace

The first step Destiny 2 players need to do is acquire a necklace and charge it. The bounty "Lunar Spelunker" will kick this whole process off. After completing the Lost Sectors and opening the Vault, players will be tasked with charging the necklace by defeating Nightmares (Sorrow's Harbor is the best spot for this). Once charged, players will return the necklace to Eris.

destiny 2 shadowkeep memory of sai mota quest deathbringer

Find the Hive Skull

First up in the main exotic quest line is to find a Hive skull that is located in the Circle of Bones around the Hellmouth. Once players find the skull, they will take it back to Eris to continue the quest. Players should be leveling up quickly to try to take on this quest, as some areas on the Moon are brutal at lower Power levels.

destiny 2 shadowkeep symphony of death quest deathbringer

Find the Bones

The next step of this quest requires players to find bones from public events near the Hellmouth, in the K1 Revelation Lost Sector in Sorrow's Harbor, and from the Bone Collector. The first two are self-explanatory, but tracking down the Bone Collector can be a bit more tricky. Thankfully, he seems to spawn pretty regularly in the Anchor of Light - similar to how a high value target works. Players will want to upgrade their gear with Destiny 2's new upgrade modules to make sure they are ready to take on the more difficult enemies on the Moon.

destiny 2 shadowkeep deathbringer symphony of death bones

Find Sulmakta the High Conductor

Sulmakta can be found in the new Shadowkeep strike within the Scarlet Keep. As players ride the elevators downward through the Keep, the second stop will feature Sulmakta along with some additional enemies. For everyone in the strike to get credit for the kill, they will each need to deal damage to Sulmakta. The strike is fun and the Scarlet Keep is great to explore while Destiny 2 players wait for the new Shadowkeep dungeon to release.

destiny 2 shadowkeep deathbringer high conductor

Kill Enemies

One of the last steps in this quest requires players to kill standard enemies, elites, and bosses (or other guardians). This step is pretty self explanatory, but a good way to farm high tier enemies is around the entrance of the Scarlet Keep where the Nightmares will spawn. This is a great opportunity for players to try out new Shadowkeep weapons, like the brand new Eriana's Vow exotic hand cannon.

destiny 2 shadowkeep deathbringer quest

Face Down with the Deathsinger (at 920 Power)

The most challenging step in this quest line is the mission here, where players must return to the Circle of Bones, survive the Deathsinger's Aria, and defeat Ir Airâm at 920 Power. Those familiar with the lore-rich and lengthy story of Destiny will recognize the power and importance of Deathsingers in the Hive hierarchy. This mission is timed, so players must work quickly to defeat Ir Airâm before the timer runs out.

destiny 2 shadowkeep deathbringer exotic rocket launcher perks

Once players return to Eris with the Singing Skull, they will be gifted with the Deathbringer exotic rocket launcher. This powerful gun takes some getting used to as it fires a singular orb that, when detonated, fires tons of smaller orbs to damage nearby enemies. It will surely make for an incredibly fun gun to use while grinding out Destiny 2 Season Pass rewards across the universe.

Destiny 2 is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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