Destiny 2: New Exotic Rocket Launcher and LMG Spotted at PAX West

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PAX West 2019 attendees checking out Bungie's Destiny 2 stations caught an early look at some upcoming content. Two new Destiny 2 Exotic weapons were discovered slipped into players' Exotics tab. The first is a rocket launcher named Deathbringer that can produce Void orbs. The second is an as-yet-unnamed LMG described as "an instant linear fusion" with no drop-off. Both Exotics had what's assumed to be the Shadowkeep expansion's tag on their label.

Both Exotics were first talked about on Reddit, from two different PAX West attendees. The first reveal came from Reddit user VON_TAR, who unfortunately wasn't able to take a picture. VON_TAR revealed the nameless Exotic LMG, likely to be the same "bug" Exotic teased at GuardianCon. They say that the weapon "fires like an instant linear fusion, and has no drop off. 150 to the body 1 shot headshots." While VON_TAR didn't have a picture, he says that the Exotic LMG's perk read, "This weapon fires single shot explosive rounds."

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The second Redditor, xhelbrechtx, posted an image.  The image first shows that the VON_TAR LMG really doesn't have a name yet, instead having a temporary string filename reading '$machinegun0.names.' The image instead highlights the new Deathbringer rocket launcher. The launcher's perk reads, "Dark Deliverance: Fires remotely detonated projectiles that drop Void orbs on enemies." Players can hold down their fire button and release it to explode the projectile.

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Destiny 2 fans are already excited for both new Exotic Shadowkeep weapons. Speculators are already worrying about the LMG's strength in the Crucible and in Gambit. The Deathbringer rocket launcher is being described as a Void Gjallarhorn or a Dragon's Breath baby. These two Exotics were the only two new examples at PAX West, as the previously listed Exotic on the list is Anarchy.

It's not surprising that Destiny 2's PAX West build has some leaks. Bungie routinely attends PAX West, as its headquarters isn't too far away from the Seattle convention. Since Bungie's showcasing an in-development build of Destiny 2 at the event, it's not always possible to make sure every bit of upcoming content has been removed from public view. The Destiny 2 PAX West demo is showcasing 3v3 Elimination, with the chance to win an exclusive pin.

Expect more information on Destiny 2: Shadowkeep's upcoming content, including its new Exotic weapons and gear, in the weeks between now and launch.

Destiny 2 is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Shadowkeep launches October 1.

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