Destiny 2 May Bring Back Dead Ghosts


It's no major secret that the Destiny 2 community isn't particularly happy with Bungie over a litany of issues. Whether it's the Eververse controversy or the developer making fans feel undervalued from its lack of transparency, though, one thing for sure is that the studio has a lot of work to do earn back the trust and adoration of its fans. As Bungie attempts to open a clearer line of communication with Guardians, an interesting tweet from Game Director Christopher Barrett to a fan has caught the community's attention, as it intimates the possibility of Dead Ghosts making their return in the sequel.

As seen in the correspondence below in the tweets from Barrett and a fan about "collectible items like Dead Ghosts" coming back to Destiny 2, it looks as if they could be making their way into the science fiction shooter at some point in the future. However, it's important to note that the Game Director didn't exactly confirm their inclusion in the title. After all, D2 Community Manager "Cozmo23" then followed up to say that the collectibles might not be Dead Ghosts per se, but rather "something for collectors."

For the uninitiated, Dead Ghosts were collectibles from the first Destiny that unlocked Grimoire cards, which were D1's method of sharing its story with fans online. Of course, when players said that they wanted to experience the franchise's lore in-game in the sequel, Bungie did away with the Grimoire cards and left Dead Ghosts out completely. And while each of the planets in Destiny 2 have objects that can be scanned to provide more story, many fans would argue that all of the lore currently available is haphazardly arranged at best.

At any rate, there's no telling just yet exactly what Bungie has in mind when it comes to Dead Ghosts returning for Destiny 2 , but it looks as if they won't serve the same purpose as in the original–that is, if they go on to be added at all. Nevertheless, it's likely that Guardians will get a better understanding of how Dead Ghosts–or at the very least, the concept behind them–can be revived for the sequel, and what the studio's future plans are for the game tomorrow in 2018's first This Week at Bungie blog post.

Destiny 2 is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Christopher Barrett – Twitter, Cozmo23 – Twitter

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