Destiny 2 Dawning Event Start, End Dates Revealed

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Get ready to ring in the holidays, Guardians. The Dawning is returning, and this year will mark the first time players are celebrating the festivities in Destiny 2.

Bungie announced the event today on the company's official site, where the Destiny 2 dev team laid out what players can expect. The Dawning will begin Tuesday, December 19, and run until Tuesday, January 9. Both the Tower and the Farm will be decorated for the occasion, with festive lights and fluffy, white snow.

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Guardians are encouraged to enjoy the changing weather by participating in snowball fights, a feature that was often requested during last year's event. As a response to this, Bungie's Ryan Paradis revealed to audiences that snowball fights were coming to The Dawning at a TwitchCon panel a couple months back. To start hurling snow, players simply have to look for snowball piles littered throughout the game, which can be used to pelt their friends or stun enemies. We recommend hiding rocks in any snowballs meant for the Cabal.

Those who want to celebrate the holidays by blowing away fellow Guardians will be pleased to see the return of Mayhem in the Crucible. During the event, point values will be increased, which should encourage even the most fervent Crucible Scrooges to participate. So grab your weapons, Guardians, and get ready to stuff some stockings - with Mayhem.

Additionally, The Dawning will include event-specific milestones for players. Engaging in Crucible Mayhem or Strikes will reward players, and completing a milestone will reward a Dawning engram. Those who want to get in the holiday spirit can use new consumables that give rewards to everyone they're playing with. New Dawning items will be available in the Eververse shop and the inventory will rotate each week, giving players the chance to acquire all of the new Dawning-themed exotics and legendary armor.

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Lastly, Guardians can get Dawning Gift Schematics from the Bazaar, which can be used to craft gifts for vendors at the Tower and various planets. Those who give a gift will receive one in turn.

Another event, The Iron Banner, will also be returning soon, and it will come with an assortment of new weapons for Guardians to compete for. A list of the new Iron Banner weapons were recently released by dataminers. According to their findings, there will be six new weapons available for season 2, which include a full-auto scout rifle and a single slug round shotgun.

Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris is available now on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Bungie

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