This week officially kicks off the Faction Rally in Destiny 2, which allows players to pledge their allegiance to one of the three factions (Dead Orbit, New Monarchy, and Future War Cult) and earn gear when completing activities. More importantly, the addition to Destiny 2 has given players more items to collect and secrets to uncover, as evidenced by a new series of terminals in the Tower.

While most players are laser focused on getting to their chosen Faction and earning Destiny 2 rewards, some may have noticed three new additions to the Tower. Next to each of the Faction vendors is a terminal that requires a Dance Party Key to activate. As of right now, no one knows how to obtain said key or what it actually activates, but the Destiny 2 community is on the case.

Given that there is a terminal next to each of the three faction vendors, it’s safe to assume that the Dance Party Key is tied to the Faction Rally event. It could be rewarded for completing specific tasks with the Faction, or it could be something that won’t activate until the end of the Faction Rally event.

destiny 2 dance party key terminal

Bungie has already explained that the goal of the Faction Rally is to earn as much reputation with a Faction as possible, and the one with the most reputation will be declared the winner. The winning faction will then sell its chosen weapon to any members for 1,000 glimmer, while non-members can purchase the weapon for 50,000 glimmer.

But it may be that the unlocked weapon is not the only reward for the Faction Rally, and this Dance Party key is a second, secret reward. Perhaps members of the winning Faction will earn the Dance Party Key and be able to celebrate with their fellow Faction members. It would be a fun way to recognize the winning Faction while not making other players feel like they were missing out on anything meaningful.

As was mentioned, Destiny 2 players are already trying to solve the mystery of the Dance Party Key. Currently, everything is just a guess, but the Faction Rally event runs throughout the week, so you can expect that if there really is a mystery to be solved it will be cracked soon.

Destiny 2 is out now for PS4 and Xbox One. The PC version releases on October 24th.