Destiny 2: What is the Best Loadout for PvE Damage in Season 7?

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Destiny 2 players are currently diving into the brand new content that arrived with the Season of Opulence, and many are hitting walls of difficulty in various activities. Both the Menagerie and the new Crown of Sorrow raid are meant to test player skill and gear, so lots of players are wondering what the best loadout is for these challenging PvE activities so they can earn the new Season of Opulence weapons and armor. Thankfully the game is filled with powerful gear that can carry players through tough activities, including one loadout in particular that can really crank out some damage.

The loadout in question relies on a few key pinnacle weapons and an exotic or two to really shine. In the primary slot, Destiny 2 players will want to run either the Huckleberry SMG, or the new Outbreak Perfected pulse rifle - depending on the range of engagement. Both weapons crank out damage in their respective ranges. The secondary slot will be dedicated to the Loaded Question fusion rifle - last season's pinnacle Vanguard weapon. This powerful fusion rifle cuts through adds and deals some hefty damage to majors and ultras.

Lastly, players will want to run the new Wendigo GL3 in the heavy slot for its great boss damage. This loadout covers all but the absolutely longest ranges and provides surprisingly great damage to any type of enemy. Players have been melting strike bosses with ease thanks to the Wendigo GL3, which is no surprise since it is the Vanguard pinnacle weapon this season. Players have found a quick way to cheese the Wendigo GL3 quest if players do not want to spend too long grinding for this weapon.

This loadout may seem a bit nontraditional compared to what some players are running right now in Destiny 2. Many players in the World's First race for Crown of Sorrow were using weapons like Mountaintop, Recluse, and Thunderlord to take on the challenges aboard the Leviathan this season. Both loadouts are great for damage, and players can't go wrong using either, but the Wendigo loadout provides more damage over a longer period of time compared to the Mountaintop build.

Overall, players have some great options to use when tackling endgame content, and with new Destiny 2 exotic weapons coming soon, these loadouts may change even more.

Destiny 2 is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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