Destiny 2: New Vex Enemy Types Coming in Curse of Osiris

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A Bungie developer says players can expect to face off against new types of the Vex on Mercury in Destiny 2's upcoming Curse of Osiris expansion. There's no question that the game's first expansion will center around the Vex considering the titular character's connection to the enemy race and the footage shown from the DLC so far.

While fans probably assumed that Bungie would be adding something fresh to the Vex in Curse of Osiris, Destiny 2 developer Dave Matthews confirmed to Italian gaming site that there will be new Vex enemy types: So we can expect to see new types of Vex on Mercury, and maybe find something that we still do not know about this particular breed of war machines?

Dave Matthews : "Absolutely yes. This kind of content offers us a precious opportunity to deepen Destiny's fame in a variety of ways. This expansion is all about Vex: We want to let you know how they operate, how they think, how can they exist outside of time, how their machines work, and how Vex uses them to achieve their goals. During the expansion you will know different aspects of this mysterious race in different time lines." (Editor's note: translated from Italian by Google)

Although it is not confirmed fans may see some of these new Vex during the Curse of Osiris reveal streams coming up this month. It doesn't appear that any of them have been slipped into the expansion's first trailer, but it also is unclear what Dave Matthews means by new types of Vex. The likely answer is that the Vex might sport a different color scheme or some small embellishments, similar to the Siva-infected Fallen from Rise of Iron. It's also possible that the new Vex might be boss enemies, which Bungie is unlikely to show ahead of time.

destiny 2 curse of osiris vex new enemy types

It sounds like there will be plenty of Vex to shoot at and Vex-themed activities in Curse of Osiris, including a new arsenal of weapons taking design inspiration from Destiny's time-traveling robots. On top of that, Bungie is said to be refreshing the Clan XP for Season 2 so that the rewards match the new Vex threat. For Season 1, the focus was on the Cabal, but now things will be shifting to the Vex.

Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris releases December 5, 2017 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.


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