Destiny 2: Where to Get the Curated 'God Roll' Weapons

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Destiny 2 players were told that random rolls were coming back to the game with the release of the Forsaken expansion, but as players dug into the DLC, they discovered that developer Bungie also added a version of some weapons that have set perks and drop with a maxed-out Masterwork stat. Fans have dubbed these weapons “curated god rolls” based on the fact that while these weapons regularly drop with random rolls, these particular versions are specifically crafted by Bungie.

One Destiny 2 fan has deduced that the curated god roll versions of the Last Wish raid weapons have a higher chance of dropping on certain encounters in the raid. It could also be that these weapons only drop from these encounters, but considering that this is a player-led experiment, it’s not 100% confirmed at this point.

Reddit user redka243 posted the list below showing from which raid encounters these curated god roll weapons appear to be dropping. Other users on the Destiny subreddit confirmed this user’s observations, so it’s looking more and more likely that these are accurate drop locations:

  • Age Old Bond auto rifle – Kalli
  • Transfiguration scout rifle – Shuro Chi
  • Nation of Beasts hand cannon – Morgeth
  • Tyranny of Heaven bow – The Vault
  • Chattering Bone pulse rifle – Riven

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One of the most popular curated god rolls from the raid is the Nation of Beasts, which players are calling “the new Fatebringer” after one of the best guns in D1, which could be found in the Vault of Glass raid. Nation of Beasts has almost identical (and in some cases better) stats to Fatebringer with the curated roll having Outlaw and Dragonfly.

Bungie attaching the drops of specific raid encounters would not be a surprise, as that’s how virtually every raid in Destiny’s past has functioned. With this knowledge, players can focus on taking on specific bosses in Last Wish across alternate characters to try to increase their chance of the drop they most want.

Destiny 2: Forsaken is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Reddit

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