With the release of the Warmind DLC and the beginning of Season 3 in Destiny 2, developer Bungie introduced a new pursuit for the hardcore competitive PvP player—a unique and powerful Legendary pulse rifle called Redrix’s Claymore that could only be earned by those who could climb the ranks of the game’s new competitive ranking system. It’s a pretty tough climb to get Redrix’s Claymore, and it looks like in Bungie’s summation, perhaps a bit too tough.

Senior Multiplayer Designer Kevin Yanes tweeted about the Crucible’s exclusive top-tier weapon in light of the revelation that only 8,750 Destiny 2 players have been able to earn Redrix’s Claymore. That is clearly just a fraction of the total player base, and it appears that Bungie wants to adjust the grind to get future Crucible exclusive weapons to make it a bit easier.

It’s unclear just how much easier the developer will make it in future seasons, but Bungie will likely detail that once a decision is made. For some really good PvP players in Destiny 2, the process of getting Redrix’s Claymore was a fairly easy one. But the weapon was a long and grueling grind for others, while some players likely did not even try.

destiny 2 redrixs claymore

Redrix’s Claymore represented something many hardcore players asked for during the first year of Destiny 2; that is, something exclusive for those who play the game a lot or are highly skilled at the game. Bungie will have to delicately balance this going forward because one of the things the fans really enjoyed about the current system was how exclusive the weapon was. But on the flip side, it was a frustrating experience for others, which is understandable considering the punishing point loss if players went on a losing streak in the game’s new ranking system and the oft-maligned matchmaking system especially early on in Season 3.

With the release of the Forsaken DLC, Season 4 will begin, Redrix’s Claymore will no longer be available to earn, and a new weapon will be up for grabs. There’s no word yet whether these changes to the grind to Fabled will be easier in Season 4 or later on in the future.

Destiny 2 is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.