Destiny 2's Crucible Ranking System Needs a Lot of Work

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For Destiny 2’s Warmind DLC update, Bungie introduced something that PvP fans have been asking for practically since day 1: ranked play. However, Crucible Ranking in Destiny 2 is hardly what those players envisioned; in fact, it’s quite bad in its current iteration.

For the casual playlist, the Valor ranking is just fine. It suits the nature of the playlist, awarding players with points towards their Valor rank based on a win, or even a loss, with a streak tied in for good measure.

On the competitive side is where things are less suitable. The Glory ranking system is practically the same as the Valor system, except players lose Glory for losses and there is a loss streak in addition to the win streak. But when it comes to matchmaking and awarding Glory points, the system doesn’t take into account the most important part: the rank.

So a player that enters the Competitive Crucible playlist for the first time and wins a game gets the same amount of Glory points regardless of their opponent. If they beat a player that is Glory Rank 4 or a player that is Glory Rank 1, the boost to their personal Glory is still the same. And conversely, those two players that lost are only penalized by the same amount.

To make matters worse, Bungie says that its existing matchmaking system is in play for Ranked Crucible, so players are not matched against opponents with similar Glory rankings. A team full of 4 players at Glory Rank 3 can be matched against a team of 4 solo players, all at Glory Rank 1.

The matchmaking would not be as big of a concern if those solo players were actually rewarded for winning against a Glory Rank 4 team. If those solo players won, they should jump up at least a full Glory Rank, if not more. In that particular match, those players were shown to be better and should move closer towards outranking their opponents.

The whole point of a ranking system is to help players see where they stand in a competitive environment, but Destiny 2’s ranking system is merely a points progression. Its incentives are purely the rewards for hitting certain ranks, like the Redrix’s Claymore, not the chance to prove you are one of the top Crucible players.

After spending some time with Destiny 2’s Crucible Ranking System it’s clear that Bungie tried to layer it on top of the existing framework, instead of building it from the ground up. It is yet another instance of Bungie giving players something they requested, but not designing it in a way that makes sense.

If nothing else, Destiny 2 has the basics of a Crucible Ranking system in place, but there is a lot more work to be done. Perhaps when the September expansion launches, Bungie can further improve upon Crucible ranking.

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