Ranked play for Destiny 2 has finally been given a launch window. The long-awaited (and long-promised) ranking feature for the PvP side of Bungie’s sci-fi shooter will make its debut this spring alongside the launch of the game’s second Year 1 expansion.

In a development update concerning Destiny 2, one of the game’s directors, Christopher Barrett, opened the lines of communication with fans to provide a forecast of what would be coming in the next year for the game. When it comes to ranked play, the game will have two separate ranking systems for players to pursue—Valor and Glory.

Valor is a rank that increases with progression, or in other words, by completing Crucible matches. Players will gain rank faster by winning matches, but there is no penalty for losing. So players with a high Valor rank will be those who have played a lot of PvP but aren’t necessarily skilled at the Crucible.

To determine who is the “best,” players will likely be looking at the Glory rank. Glory is based on performance, rising with each win and falling with a loss. This will likely be the ranking system that many of the Destiny community’s PvP-focused players will be seeking to increase the most.

In addition to PvP ranks, Bungie also revealed that 6v6 playlist(s) would also be coming to Destiny 2 during the same spring timeframe. This will be a return to the format of the original Destiny 1, which had its Crucible modes primarily based on 6v6 or 3v3. Things completely changed in the sequel with 4v4 taking over for every game mode, and even eliminating the free-for-all Rumble mode, which was teased for a future update.

This is all good news for Destiny 2, whose PvP modes has been receiving a lot of criticism. All this is said to be included in Season 3, which should begin sometime in March.

Destiny 2 is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Bungie