After reaching level 50 in Destiny 2: Forsaken, players will unlock a set of quests that will reward powerful gears from both Zavalla the Strike Vanguard and Shaxx the Crucible Vanguard. Their quests revolve around completing the activity (strike or crucible) wearing a full set of armor Strike/Crucible armor. However, some players are having trouble completing the Crucible quest and now Bungie has cleared things up.

While some players likely spent dozens if not hundreds of Crucible tokens in an attempt to get a full set of armor from Shaxx, no one was able to get a full set. The class item proved elusive, and for good reason. According to Destiny 2 community manager DMG, the class item cannot drop from Crucible reputation packages.

Instead, players will need to rank up their Valor in the Crucible in order to unlock the class item. It was unclear based on DMG’s Tweet whether the class item is a set drop at a certain rank but it sounds as though that is the case.

Unfortunately, what this means is that those players who hope to complete the quest and obtain powerful gear quickly will be waiting. Raising one’s power level above 500 is crucial for preparing for the Last Wish raid but luckily there are plenty of sources of powerful gear that reset daily and weekly.

It’s a good thing that Bungie jumped in to clear things up, because quite a few players on the Destiny 2 forums and subreddit were confused about acquiring a full set of gear. Bungie did bring back random perk rolls for weapons and armor, so that means more variety to the drops, but at some point one would figure that a class item drops.

Instead, it appears Bungie designed this quest to require some Crucible participation, if not a lot of Crucible participation. The good news is there are other daily and weekly challenges for the Crucible, so players can grab a few pieces of powerful gear on their way to the class item.

Destiny 2: Forsaken is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.