Xbox VP Wants Destiny 2 Crossplay

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Destiny 2 and Bungie have been enjoying a lot of good press over the last few weeks. After announcing the Forsaken expansion, the former Halo developer hosted a livestream showing off what's to come. From what can be seen, the studio looks to be taking a lot of fan criticism and queries to heart and is trying to make the game better. Now it seems that one particular Xbox executive has an idea of how to make the game even better and bring the community closer together.

Today, Corporate Vice President at Xbox Mike Ybarra took to Twitter to voice his desire to see Destiny 2 feature cross-play between Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. The tweet, which can be seen below, also features a poll asking fans if they would also like to see such co-operation between platforms, to which the answer appears to be a resounding yes, sitting at 87 percent in favor to 13 against.

The tweet was met with further questions regarding cross-play prospects and the issues that might arise from this. The first regards cross-saves, with one user saying they would like to be able to access saves anywhere across any system, which was met with agreement from Ybarra, saying simply "Yes, that too." The other question Ybarra answered was how such cross-platform play would work for PvP, specifically with regards to controller versus keyboard and mouse, to which Ybarra answered "For PvP, it could be up to the gamer. Can do controller only, both, or mixed options."

The discussion of cross-play has been a big issue in the gaming industry for a while now. Around a year ago, Microsoft opened up to cross-platform play with other systems, allowing Minecraft and Rocket League players on Xbox to play with those on other systems and inviting other companies to do the same. Many took up the offer but ultimately Sony decided against it. Since then any other attempts have gone much the same way, most recently with PS4 Fornite fans finding their accounts locked when trying to log in to the game on their Nintendo Switch.

While, of course, all of this is strictly hypothetical, the idea that higher-ups at Xbox might be giving thought to cross play on a game like Destiny 2 is sure to set fans' minds on fire, especially as the game prepares to launch its biggest expansion to date. Whether or not anything ever comes of this, it's good to see that despite setbacks, talks of cross-play is still alive and who knows, if Destiny could pull it off, what would be next?

Destiny 2 is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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