Destiny 2 Reveals the One Thing That Won't Carry Over With Cross-Save

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Although Destiny 2: Shadowkeep has been delayed from mid-September to October 1st, one of the features promised with the expansion will go live as planned next month. Cross-save will soon be an option for all Destiny 2 players, allowing them to access their “main account” from any platform.

However, while the goal of cross-save is to unite players on any platform without any hiccups, Bungie has since clarified one important detail. Silver purchased on any platform will not carry over to another platform regardless of if cross-save is active or not.

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In other words, if a player has purchased silver on their cross-save compatible PC account – which will soon be a Steam account instead of Blizzard – they will be unable to access that silver on PS4 or Xbox One. Any purchases that the player wants to make using the silver must be done on the PC account any not anywhere else. When on PS4 or Xbox One, it will look as if that player has no silver on their account.

This may seem like a major oversight on Bungie’s part, but there is an easy solution for most Destiny 2 players. Purchase a desired item on the PC account from the Eververse Store and then it will be available on any platform. Since all unlocked cosmetics, gear, and weapons will be available on the cross-save account, the PS4 and Xbox One instances of that PC character will have access to anything purchased with silver, just not the silver itself.

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The only real situation where this may be annoying is if a Destiny 2 player plans to activate cross save on an account and then permanently make the jump to a new platform. Plenty are planning to jump to PC thanks to cross save and so they may end up in a tough situation. Still, they can always fire up that console account, make a purchase, and then be done with it. By no means is this ideal, but it’s a better solution than losing out on real money.

As far as why silver won’t transfer over through Destiny 2 cross save, it most likely has to do with the way each platform’s storefront handles transactions. So while players may be quick to blame Bungie, the decision may have more to do with the platform holders than anything else.

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep releases October 1, 2019 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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