Destiny 2 Cross Save Release Date Revealed

destiny 2 cross save

Bungie finally announced today that fans can expect the upcoming cross save feature to make its way into Destiny 2 later this month. The company also revealed more details about its future plans for PC, leading up to the upcoming release of the Shadowkeep expansion.

Unlike other multi-platform online games, player profiles in Destiny 2 have, since launch, remained tied to the platform on which players began playing. In other words, if a player began playing the game on console when it released, but hoped to switch to PC later on, they would have to start over. All of that is about to change.

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Starting on August 21st, cross save will make its way to every platform. Players will simply connect their character to a Bungie account, and then connect that account to the platforms of their choice. When they log into the game on a new device, their character, gear, and progression will come with them. Unfortunately, Destiny 2 will still not feature cross-play.

destiny 2 cross save

Bungie also announced a huge change to where players will play on PC. Beginning on October 1st, to coincide with the release of the upcoming Shadowkeep expansion, Destiny 2 will move from to Steam. To pull this off, players can use the new cross save feature to link their account to Bungie. They can bring everything they’ve purchased, plus all of their progression, with them.

Bungie released FAQs alongside each of these announcements in order to help guide players through these big changes. One important thing for players to note, according to the FAQ, is that they will no longer have the opportunity to play Destiny 2 on after the game moves to Steam on October 1st. Fans who want to jump right into Shadowkeep should head to Steam now, where they can preorder the expansion and make sure they have their characters connected to a Bungie account.

For the most part, this change will come as a huge relief to players. When the game came out on PC, it caused a divide in many Destiny groups about the best place to play. Some folks who stuck to console wish they could play with their PC friends. Now, players can play on console solo and jump on PC with their friends without having to start the game over. Surely this update will inspire some long-disbanded player groups to get the band back together just in time for the new Shadowkeep raid.

A lot more Destiny news will surely come in the next two months leading up to the expansion reveal.

Destiny 2 is available now on PC, Playstation 4, and Xbox One.

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Source: Bungie Cross Saves | Bungie Moving to Steam

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