Destiny 2: How to Activate Cross Save

destiny 2 how to activate cross save

The new Cross Save feature has gone live in Destiny 2 allowing players to transfer and play their account across PC, PS4, and Xbox One. While this is somewhat of a precursor to the full potential of Cross Save, which will be a little more flexible in terms of how much content players can access once New Light comes out October 1st. However, players may now prepare their accounts and start using Cross Save if they own the game across multiple platforms.

As promised, Cross Save allows Destiny 2 players to transfer their characters and gear to pick up and play them on any platform. Likewise, any loot earned on any platform other than the platform players have been playing on will still transfer over.

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There are just a few steps to activate Cross Save:

Go to

destiny 2 activate cross save landing

The first step is to go to Bungie's Cross Save site and log in. Select the Get Started button. This will take users to a User Agreements page. Agree to the terms of Cross Save and hit Get Started.

Authenticate Accounts

destiny 2 cross save authenticate page

On the next page, players will need to authenticate and/or link their accounts between Xbox One, PS4, Steam, and With the release of Shadowkeep, will no longer host Destiny 2, so PC users need to use this system to transfer their account over to Steam, the new home of Destiny 2.

As a special note, Silver purchased on one platform will not transfer to the others, so players should spend their Silver on the platform on which they purchased it.

Once all accounts are linked (if needed) and authenticated, hit Continue.

Choose Active Characters

destiny 2 cross save choose characters

Players need to choose which of their platform's characters will be their primary account. Cross Save does not work by merging accounts but instead will require players to choose which primary account they want to play across all the platforms.

Choosing a primary account does not delete the characters on other accounts, but those characters will no longer be accessible while Cross Save is enabled. Cross Save can be disabled at any time, but for security reasons, if Cross Save is disabled it cannot be re-activated for 90 days.

Once a choice is made, select Review Setup.

Review Setup

destiny 2 cross save review setup screen

This is the final screen of the process to review the choices made and to ensure that everything is correct. The characters in the top left box and the clan listed below it will be the characters and clan that will be accessible on all the platforms to the right. If everything is correct, hit 'Yes, Do It!'

Currently, players will only be able to play the Destiny 2 content that they have purchased on each platform. That will remain true after Shadowkeep launches; while characters and gear transfer, the license for each expansion does not. What will make a difference is the release of New Light, which will make all of Year 1's content plus selected other content available across every platform as a free-to-play edition of the game.

Destiny 2 is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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