Destiny 2 Bringing Back Crimson Days Event for Valentine's

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Destiny 2’s Dawning event may not yet be over, but it appears that the multiplayer shooter is preparing for its next holiday-themed activity. According to a data mine of the Destiny 2 files, the Crimson Days event will be making a return this February, in time for Valentine’s Day.

The files in question are a series of new ornaments for some of Destiny 2’s exotic weapons, specifically Sweet Business, Graviton Lance, Wardcliff Coil, and Prometheus Lens. Each of the ornaments will give the exotic weapons a unique look, with several different themes on offer.

At first blush, new ornaments is not a sign that Crimson Days is coming back, but the icon attached to the four new ornaments suggest the event is returning. In the upper left-hand corner of each ornament’s icon is the same symbol Bungie used for past Crimson Days event, which is a type of flower.

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Crimson Days, for those that might not be familiar, is an event themed around Valentine’s Day that centers on the doubles playlist. In Destiny 1, the event featured a new PvP playlist called Crimson Doubles, where two teams of two would face off and if a teammate went down the other player would get a significant buff to movement speed, handling, reload, and more. In essence, the mode encouraged players to stick together and avenge the other should he/she go down.

However, given that Destiny 2 has moved away from Crucible playlists with varying player counts, Crimson Days could be something different this time around. Many of the Crucible maps are small enough to support a 2v2 playlist, but it’s unclear if that is the direction Bungie is headed.

If nothing else, the hope is that Crimson Days will not put the focus on Eververse and special microtransaction engrams like the Dawning event did. For many players, The Dawning was proof that Bungie had not learned from past lessons with live events and was instead still using microtransactions and cosmetics as a way to bolster new events. Unfortunately, these data mined items do not suggest Destiny 2 is deviating from that formula for Crimson Days.

Destiny 2 is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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