Dataminers have leaked images found in Destiny 2‘s game files that give new details about the upcoming Crimson Days live event in February, including information about the exclusive rewards tied to Destiny 2‘s Valentine’s Day celebration.

The biggest news is that players will be able to earn a 650 Power Legendary bow from Lord Shaxx. According to the database information available on, the bow is called The Vow, a Solar energy bow with the set perks of Rapid Hit and Archer’s Tempo. Like the Horror Story auto rifle that was available during the fall’s Festival of the Lost Halloween event, The Vow will be max-level. Players will also be able to find an ornament for The Vow in the Crimson Days loot pool.

destiny 2 crimson days details leak

The leaked image, which is set to be the in-game welcome screen for when Crimson Days begins, details that players will also be able to earn unique Sugary Shell Ghost shell by completing event-specific Triumphs, as well as find shaders, gear, and a new emote called Tiny Bow in the loot pool. As is usual of these types of events, each XP rank-up will grant a Crimson engram and a Season of the Forge engram.

While the images don’t reveal exactly what type of activity will be available, it will likely be similar to the last Crimson Days, which revolved around 2v2 Clash in the Crucible. The image does disclose that during the event players will earn Confectionery Hearts, which serve as the currency for earning the event’s rewards.

destiny 2 the vow crisom days bow

As announced by developer Bungie, Crimson Days was originally scheduled to begin on February 5, but the developer decided to push back the start to February 12. Crimson Days will last one week, ending at the next reset on February 19. It’s also worth mentioning that in addition to these new rewards, players will also be able to earn the rewards that were featured in last year’s Crimson Days event as well.

Destiny 2 is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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