Destiny 2 Makes Very Important Change for Crimson Day Engrams

This week, Bungie officially unveiled the Crimson Days event for Destiny 2, which will kick off with the reset on February 13th. The event will feature a special Crimson Doubles mode and new gear and cosmetics to collect, among other things.

But while new Destiny 2 content and activities are always welcome, it is the change to the way those Crimson Days rewards are given out that has players the most excited. In stark contrast to The Dawning, Crimson Engrams will only be unlocked via gameplay not Eververse or microtransactions.

Bungie had promised to tune reward engrams away from the Eververse store in its lengthy blog post a few weeks back, and this is now the first part of that change. Bright Engrams (now Illuminated Engrams) are a good idea in principle – rewarding players will Eververse cosmetics for leveling up – but the more emphasis Bungie put on the store, the more players soured on the experience.

For Crimson Days, players will simply be able to play the new 2v2 playlist and earn the cosmetics along the way. It’s unclear how regularly the Crimson Engrams will drop, but at the very least players won’t feel like they have to spend money to buy Engrams if they want a chance at all of the event’s items. In fact, there is no way to Crimson Engrams at all.

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There is, however, going to be a rotating stock of Crimson Days items that players can buy using Bright Dust. So in a way, a player could buy an Illuminated Engram, dismantle the items within, and then buy a Crimson Days item, but that’s a very roundabout way of “buying” the engrams. For all intents and purposes, Bungie is not making the Crimson Days Engrams purchasable.

Why Bungie decided to take away the option of purchasing Crimson Engrams for those that want to pay their way right to the goods is unclear, but it seems an overreaction to the backlash against Eververse. There’s nothing wrong with allowing players to purchase cosmetics, as long as it is purely optional and feels that way. The issue with The Dawning is that the event felt like it was tailored towards Eververse purchases because of the limit on how many Dawning Engrams a player could earn in a day or week.

In addition to making the Crimson Engrams gameplay focused, Bungie is also introducing a knock-out concept that ensures players don’t get repeat items. Each engram will deliver new items until the player has everything from the Crimson Engram loot pool. It may not be as exciting as , but the knock-out is still a very important change for the cosmetic Engrams moving forward and hopefully it will extend to Illuminated Engrams soon.

Destiny 2 is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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