The Valentine’s Day themed live event of the Destiny franchise, Crimson Days, is making its return next week in Destiny 2. Clearly, Bungie has taken a lot of the fan feedback to heart with this event, which will feature an open reward system and add a 2v2 PvP mode as well as bring back a fan-favorite map from the first game.

First off, the biggest fear for a lot of players when it was leaked that Crimson Days was coming back was that it would have a large focus on microtransactions and the Eververse Store, much like The Dawning did in December. But Crimson Days looks like it will play out very differently. Bungie promises that Crimson Engrams, which contain event-specific rewards, will be only earnable through actually playing the game, not from buying them through Eververse.

Further, there are specific rewards that will be given out for completing certain events over the course of the week in Destiny 2. For instance, there will be an emblem and exotic Ghost shell unlocking after playing five Crimson Days PvP matches, an ornament for the exotic Wardcliff Coil for completing a raid activity, and an emote for finishing the Nightfall.

destiny 2 crimson doubles the burnout map remake

Moving past how rewards will work in the event, Crimson Days will also bring a 2v2 Clash playlist in PvP — the first time Destiny 1’s Doubles has come to the game. But this is not straight Doubles. It has a Crimson Days twist. Staying close together as a duo will cause abilities to recharge faster, and straying too far apart will put a waypoint on the map showing a player’s position to the opposing team. Bungie also said this version of Clash will be round-based.

Destiny veterans are also likely to be excited about the addition of a remade map being added to the game with Crimson Days. The Burnout is a twist on The Burning Shrine from Destiny 1, but with one major change — the sun on the outside of the map that caused frustrations for many a player (especially during Trials of Osiris) has been darkened, which should curb those annoyances.

Crimson Days debuts February 13 at the weekly reset and will last for one week until the next weekly reset on February 20.

Destiny 2 and the Curse of Osiris expansion are available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Bungie