The Crimson Days event is making a return to Destiny 2, set to bring a whole new set of shaders, ghost shells, and other items with it starting on February 13. The announcement comes shortly after Bungie confirmed the rumors of the event.

Crimson Days is a Valentine’s Day-themed event that made its debut in Destiny 1 and is set to make a comeback in Destiny 2. However, this new iteration will supposedly be much different from the previous one.

The event originally centered around the crucible playlist “Crimson Doubles,” which put pairs of players together to fight in a 2v2 battle. If a partner went down, the remaining player would receive a large buff to movement speed, handling, reload, and more to combat the loss of their teammate.

What makes Crimson Days different this time around has yet to be officially announced, but Eververse will be playing a much larger role than it did in Destiny 1, though not as large of a role as it had in The Dawning. A recent leak pointed toward the return of the Crimson Doubles playlist, as well as some of the possible rewards from the Crimson Days packages.


In today’s developer update, Bungie announced that a number of changes would come to Eververse with the Crimson Days event to give more rewards outside of just purchasing them. Completing certain milestones during the Crimson Days will give rewards that aren’t tied to the loot boxes. The Nightfall will also reward players with an exclusive legendary emote, the Raids will reward a weapon skin, and the Crimson Days event itself will reward players with an exotic sparrow.

Players will earn both an Illuminated Engram and a Crimson Engram each time they level up during the event, and Crimson Engrams will be “very strongly weighted” to reward new items instead of duplicates.

The return of Crimson Days is a bit of a mixed bag, mostly due to the heavy involvement of Eververse. The introduction of outside rewards is a good step towards dampening the role that Eververse plays in these types of events. New crucible modes, like Mayhem or Crimson Doubles, are always welcomeand  would be a nice thing to hold players over until the upcoming PvP changes in the Spring.

However, limited-time playlists like these don’t often stick around after the event is over. Bungie is taking steps to make these events more rewarding for those who don’t want to spend a lot of money, but it seems like Eververse still has a solid grip on event loot.

Destiny 2 is available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Bungie