10 Awesome Destiny 2 Cosplay That Look Just Like The Game

Cosplayers are a special type of fan that use their talents to bring their favorite characters from their favorite video games to life for fame, profit, or the simple novelty of walking in their shoes. The best cosplayers pay attention to the minute detail, scaling, and color schemes to make the outfits really pop.

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There have been some great Destiny 2 cosplays with a lot of talented individuals bringing the various characters to life. Here are some really great examples that look like they were plucked straight from the game.

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10 Uldren Sov

Fans of Destiny 2 were shocked when Cayde-6 was brutally murdered by Uldren at the beginning of the Forsaken DLC. This cosplay manages to capture the dark and grim persona of Uldren in a chilling manner. From the painted skin, the colored contacts, the black hood, scaled armor, and the very detailed gun.

Destiny 2 fan @mukichmassla did a phenomenal job bringing this villain to life and maintain that intimidating demeanor befitting the leader of the Crows and right hand to the Queen of the Reef. No doubt those cosplaying Cayde-6 were a little nervous around this Uldren.

9 Titan Guardian

This guardian cosplay favors a more simplistic design without sacrificing any attention to detail or realism. The gear fits perfectly to the wearer like a real armor would and the gun looks absolutely phenomenal, it's hard to tell if it was made for decorative purposes or if the cosplayer is holding a genuine gun shell that was customized for the event.

It’s a great cosplay of a Titan Guardian that No Heroes Cosplay should be proud of and another great example of the man’s great talents.

8 Dominus Ghaul

Dominus Ghaul is the ruler of the Cabal empire and a massive warrior. With his Red Legion, he terrorized the Last City by killing the Speaker, tearing down the Tower, and containing the Traveler. Built by Aegis Studios Cosplay this tribute to the mighty ruler is expertly made.

The foam armor looks incredibly realistic and bulky, the armor is dented, scorched, and scuffed as if it’s seen in real battle, and the face mask looks just like the Slayer of Gods. For a month and a half of work, this is incredibly impressive.

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7 Guardian Trio

This trio cosplaying as the different classes of Guardians is very well done. The Titan armor looks great with the horned helmet, the Warlock has an awesome hand cannon, and the Hunter’s rifle looks amazing. Their costumes have great attention to detail and they all complement each other very well.

Shout out to Sasha Galvan for posting this awesome example of a team cosplay. If you and your friends are going to a convention and want to do it in style, this is definitely a great way to do it.

6 Fallen Captain

This black and white photo of a cosplay of a Fallen Captain is stunning. Fallen Captains are the fiercest warriors in the House and strike terror in the hearts of their enemies on the battlefield. Their hit and run tactics with teleportation tech make them horrific opponents to go up against.

Fan @shadinski_osplay did a fantastic job on this outfit and really brought the Fallen Captain to life. It’s this kind of attention to detail that can really make or break a well-done cosplay and this one knocked it out of the park.

5 Vex Goblin

Goblins are essentially cannon fodder for the Vex army. Used in mass their job is to act as meat shields for stronger units or alerting allies to the presence of foes. This awesome Vex Goblin cosplay makes the helmet and armor look like it was genuinely made out of metal and is very well done.

Bill Doran of Punished Props posted this amazing piece of cosplay to his twitter account with a link to a book on how to make your own foam armor. If you ever plan on getting this detailed and life-like with your cosplay it’s probably not a bad idea to see what he has to say.

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4 Spider’s Associate

This fantastic cosplay shows a Spider’s Associate in all its glory. These warriors are from a criminal syndicate that has allied itself with the Guardian’s cause to clean up the Reef. Introduced in Forsaken, many players are glad these fearsome warriors were on their side.

SpartanJenzii has done an awesome job of bringing the character to life, with the multitude of spikes on the back, the helmet, well made spear, and the detailed armor this looks like the real deal. It also gets props for cosplaying a character that isn’t done very often.

3 Cayde-6

While there have been many fans cosplaying as Cayde-6, this one takes the cake by far. The Hunter outfit with the black hood, black gauntlets, and the rough and tattered clothing looks incredibly detailed. But the blue Exo mask with the glowing eyes and the stunning attention to detail is breathtaking, the little dog in his arms also seems like something Cayde-6 would do.

This picture was posted to Reddit by mhepepe, the artist is unknown which is a crying shame given how expertly detailed, colored, and put together this costume is. This is likely by someone who’s been doing this for a few years and had the resources to put it together.

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2 Destiny 2 Titan And Halo ODST Buck

This duo cosplay shows a Destiny 2 Titan Guardian cosplayer posing next to someone cosplaying as Buck from Halo 3: ODST. The Titan is wearing what looks to be the Phoenix Strife Type 0 armor set and it looks fantastic. The coloring is spot on and the phoenix decals are expertly drawn on. That Buck outfit doesn’t look too bad either.

Jedi_ellis is the Buck and posted this picture to Reddit mentioning that the Titan is famous cosplayer HoltsclawCosplay. It’s cool to see two iconic characters from Bungie franchises well represented by these talented cosplayers.

1 Iron Banner Guardian

One of the better looking Guardians on this list is the Iron Banner Hunter by Kirstin @armoredheartcosplay. Here she’s built an entire suit of armor based on the Iron Banner design and it looks like an honest to goodness suit of armor. The Iron Gjallarhorn is incredibly complete with the iconic iron wolf’s head on top.

Forgoing the helmet was a wise decision as the short platinum hair and colored contacts really bring the entire outfit together. She definitely looks like an important character that should be in the game.

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