Destiny 2: Artist Reveals Rejected Concept Pitch Images

Destiny 2: Artist Reveals Rejected Concept Art Pitch - Destiny Traveler

Video game artist Aziz Dosmetov posts images online of concept boards for what appears to be a trailer for Destiny 2, though he claims the pitch was rejected.

Even with the Rise of Iron expansion on the horizon for Destiny, many fans are looking ahead to Destiny 2, which is expected to release next year. So far, Bungie has been secretive about the title and what it will entail, but now we have an idea of what won't be in the game. Artist Aziz Dosmetov has posted images of what is said to be Destiny 2 concept boards used for a pitch that was ultimately rejected.

The images appear to be stills from a trailer or teaser that was created for Destiny 2. They feature a lot of fire and smoke, with what appear to be three new subclasses for Destiny's hunters, titans, and warlocks.

The Traveler is also depicted in the photos, hanging above The Last City, though the city itself seems to be destroyed, indicating that this pitch included a scenario where The Last City, and probably The Tower social space with it, were decimated by enemies.

The quality of the images – and the fact that Dosmetov previously worked with Bungie on Destiny's The Taken King expansion – lend them authenticity, though as previously stated, this pitch was apparently rejected. Therefore, the images may not be representative of anything that will be featured in the final version of Destiny 2.

Destiny 2: Artist Reveals Rejected Concept Art Pitch - Hunter
Destiny 2: Artist Reveals Rejected Concept Art Pitch - Titan
Destiny 2: Artist Reveals Rejected Concept Art Pitch - Warlock
Destiny 2: Artist Reveals Rejected Concept Art Pitch - Traveler
Destiny 2: Artist Reveals Rejected Concept Art Pitch - Destiny 2 logo

Bungie and Activision have not commented on the images, but Dosmetov himself is the one that reportedly told Kotaku news writer Jason Schreier that the images were for a rejected Destiny 2 pitch. If it's true that the pitch was rejected by Bungie, it is a little strange that Dosmetov has since made it a point to take them down.

Perhaps Dosmetov posted the images accidentally, and they are in fact representative of an upcoming trailer for Destiny 2. If that were the case, it seems as though the storyline of the franchise is going to take players to a new location, especially if The Last City on Earth has been destroyed – as the images seem to suggest. The pictures also indicate that the trailer is probably finished, and if Dosmetov's claim that the pitch was rejected is untrue, fans may be able to see Destiny 2 sooner than expected.

In fact, it's possible that Destiny 2 could receive an unveiling as soon as the upcoming PlayStation event in September. Rumors point to Sony using the event to showcase PlayStation Neo, as well as PS4 Slim, but the company could also take the time to highlight the new Destiny game as well. After all, Destiny has been associated with the PlayStation brand since the original game launched in 2014, so if any game was going to receive the spotlight at the PlayStation event next month, Destiny 2 would be it.

Destiny 2 is in development for PS4 and Xbox One, with a release planned for 2017.

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