Incredible Destiny 2 Concept Art Shows Planets, Creatures, and More

incredible destiny 2 concept art

The Destiny franchise offers a deep world filled with exotic locations, compelling alien races, and striking visuals. Anyone who has seen concept art for the game can attest to how stunning it can be, whether that vision actually makes it into the game or not. Destiny 2 continues that tradition of incredible art, by exploring even more of Bungie's version of our solar system.

Some of that concept art was found in the Destiny 2 beta, shown while players downloaded and installed the game onto their consoles. Not everyone may have taken notice, but some fans over on the Destiny subreddit captured those screens and shared them with the community.

While many of these art pieces are from locations and events that have been revealed in some of the promotional materials for the game, others are completely new or unknown. And, as is always a caveat with concept art, some of what is shown may not be in the game at all.


destiny 2 concept art nessus structure
destiny 2 concept art nessus plateaus
destiny 2 concept art nessus jungle
destiny 2 concept art crashed siva ship

Players got a glimpse of Nessus, which was the location of The Inverted Spire strike in the Destiny 2 beta. Nessus is a planetoid that has been completely transformed by the Vex, with strange red jungles, plateau-like structures (inspired by the tepui of South America), and a crashed colony ship that likely brought SIVA to the planet.


destiny 2 concept art io ruins
destiny 2 concept art io vex

Io is a moon of Jupiter, which is the last location the Traveler touched when it came to the solar system. It is a sacred place to Warlocks and is steeped in mythology and lore.

For those who saw the leaked Vex cinematic a few months ago, the piece of concept art with the water highlights the same area where the Vex emerged. This location is also where players will seek out Ikora Rey after the Red Legion's attack on the Last City.


destiny 2 concept art titan
destiny 2 concept art spires

Titan is a moon of Saturn that is completely covered in water. Players will encounter buildings and structures built above the water on this location, as they seek out Commander Zavala in the game's story campaign.

European Dead Zone

destiny 2 concept art edz traveler shard
destiny 2 concept art edz house
destiny 2 concept art edz castle
destiny 2 concept art edz buildings
destiny 2 concept art edz airport

The fourth new location in Destiny 2, the European Dead Zone is on Earth and features a number of familiar locations reclaimed by nature. Again, because this is concept art, some of these places may not be in the finished game, but these pieces likely served as inspiration for the in-game locales.

The Last City

destiny 2 concept art last city parade
destiny 2 concept art last city marketplace
destiny 2 concept art last city market
destiny 2 concept art tower kids
destiny 2 concept art painting
destiny 2 concept art last city escape

The Tower and the Last City will fall at the start of Destiny 2, but there is plenty of concept art of a bustling city filled with humans, a busy market, and a parade being held for the Guardians. The last piece of art also looks to be an exodus into the mountains surrounding the Last City after it is razed.

Unknown locations, creatures, and more

destiny 2 concept art spires
destiny 2 concept art saturn ice moon
destiny 2 concept art planet eater
destiny 2 concept art monument
destiny 2 concept art cabal
destiny 2 concept art swamp
destiny 2 concept art building interior

There's plenty of concept art that hasn't been seen before and does it match anything revealed yet about Destiny 2—an icy moon of Saturn, a planet-eating ship or creature, and what looks to be a Hive monument. Again, these may be only inspiration and not be in the game at all, but it definitely piques the curiosity for fans familiar with the franchise and its lore.

Destiny 2 launches September 6 on PS4 and Xbox One, with a later October 24 release on PC.

Source: Destiny Reddit

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