Destiny 2 Competitive Mode Limited to 4v4


Today, Bungie hosted Destiny 2's first gameplay reveal by way of an official livestream, and out of the many pieces of information to come from the exhibition, the developer announced that it is going to provide ample changes and significant overhauls to its competitive multiplayer mode, the Crucible. As it so happens, Bungie has now confirmed that the player-versus-player mode will only be 4v4, meaning that several of the game types from the first entry in the franchise will either not be coming to the sequel or will have a different player count altogether.

Additionally, Bungie has stated that it is dedicated to rebuilding the multiplayer's sandbox to focus more so on the smaller teams for the Destiny 2 experience. According to game director Luke Smith, these and other potential changes are due to the developer's decision to rethink "the Crucible from first principles," which may or may not rankle some Guardians within the science fiction shooter's established fan base.


So, with Destiny 2's Crucible mode now only having 4v4 match-ups, one can only guess what will happen to game types like Skirmish, Elimination, and Clash as they may be retooled to fit the new player count, or completely excised from the sequel. When it comes to the free-for-all mode such as Rumble, though, it's quite possible it will still exist in its traditional form, only with a reduced amount of Guardians in matches. Taking all of this into consideration, Destiny 2 fans will likely learn more as Bungie unpacks all that's to come in the sequel.

Destiny 2 is scheduled to launch on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One starting September 8, with a PC release to follow shortly thereafter.

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