Report: Destiny 2 Collector's Editions Go on Sale at Amazon This Weekend

Everyone knew the Destiny 2 announcement was coming, but that hasn't made the reveal any less exciting. In addition to a teaser trailer and a full cinematic trailer, Bungie and Activision are already teasing fans with tempting pre-orders for Destiny 2's September release. There are two unique collector's editions coming for the die-hard fans and these will likely sell out quickly, so players are already stressing about when and where to lock in a pre-order. Thanks to some persistent shoppers, we now have a better idea of when the product may become available for pre-order on Amazon.

A future Destiny 2 player contacted Amazon support chat with some questions about exactly when shoppers should be able to purchase the collector's edition pre-order. Surprisingly, the chat support specialist gave a straightforward answer, rather than dancing around the specifics, and explained that the collector's edition will be available for pre-order starting on Sunday, April 9.

Here's a look at the full chat conversation...

Now, it's important to keep in mind that this chat support contact may not be correct. This does seem like an unorthodox way to confirm the order window. The chat support also didn't provide a specific time for the release, so the working assumption is that the item may be listed at midnight Sunday morning/Saturday night. Shoppers who are interested to locking in a pre-order will want to sign up for an email alert from Amazon, so they don't miss the Destiny 2 Collector's Edition the moment it comes online. It seems very likely that these items will sell out within minutes of being posted, so consumers who are serious about obtaining one at retail price should prepare some coffee and stay very close to their computer this weekend.

The two special editions of the game come in at $99 and $250. The more expensive of the two comes equipped with comes with a steelbook copy of the game and its expansion pass, some exclusive in-game items (a legendary sword, a special emote, and a unique emblem), a customizable bag themed after the Cabal, and a Frontier kit that includes a solar USB charger, a paracord, and a solar blanket. Owners of the $99 version won't walk away without quite as much loot, but still get the steelbook case, the Expansion Pass, the in-game rewards, and a Cabal-themed “Collector’s Box” full of goodies.

Will you be waiting glued to your computer Sunday trying to lock in a Collector's Edition? Let us know in the comments.

Destiny 2 releases September 8, 2017 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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