Destiny 2 Details How Collections Will Work for Gear, Shaders

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Forsaken, the upcoming Destiny 2 expansion, brings a slew of new changes to the game, from random rolls to new activities, and one of the new changes is the introduction of the collection system. Today in the This Week at Bungie blogpost, Bungie gave fans a look into how the new collection system works when Forsaken launches for Destiny 2 this September.

The collection system is a new way for Destiny 2 players to keep track of all the items they have amassed throughout their time playing the game. Bungie first mentioned the addition of this feature during their Forsaken reveal stream, but the This Week at Bungie blogpost gave a lot more insight into what fans can expect with this new feature.

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According to Bungie, the collections will feature any non-consumable item players had in their inventory since the launch of Warmind on May 8.  Shaders are not considered consumables for the purposes of tracking this, so they are safe to dismantle or use. Fans can also safely dismantle ships, ghost shells, and sparrows and they will all show up in the collection when players take to the Tangled Shore to hunt down Uldren and the Barons.

Bungie is still currently looking at the cost for purchasing items through the Collection menu, but players should expect the price to be more than just a little glimmer. And for items that are unlocked via Eververse, it will actually cost bright dust to repurchase them from the Collections tab. So, for example, if a player likes one of the new Warmind shaders they will need bright dust not glimmer. However, once those shaders are claimed, players will not need to spend glimmer to apply them.

One key set of items will be missing from the collection, however. All Year 2 randomly rolled legendary armor and weapons will not be available through the collections at launch. According to Bungie, they have not been able to find a clean way to make the items re-obtainable at this time, but they are actively working to find a solution that will best fit the random nature of these items.

Forsaken is the biggest expansion Bungie has made for the Destiny universe, so there is bound to be a lot of gear added with it. It’s unfortunate that randomly rolled gear will not be part of the collection at launch, but hopefully Bungie can find a fix for this quickly.

Destiny 2: Forsaken launches September 4, 2018 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Bungie

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