A smart community-made tool is helping Destiny 2 players with cataloging their collections of weapons, armor, and equipment. Destiny Sets allows Destiny 2 players to connect their accounts through Bungie.net, letting the tool check the player’s inventory across all characters and then mark off their acquisitions. Players can then peruse the list of equipment and see what they have yet to earn, so they can make a list of what to target next. Destiny Sets is available to use right now for players on all platforms.

Destiny Sets uses the Destiny 2 API, accessing data that’s shared through the Bungie companion app. As such, it has complete access to the entire list of weapons, armor, and other in-game items the player has stored within Destiny 2 on the platform of their choice. That includes Bright Engram items such as shaders, ships, sparrows, and emotes, too. The items are sorted into categories based on type, rarity, or location of acquisition, though only Legendary and Exotic weapons and armor are listed.

Categories focus on how each weapon or piece of armor is acquired. For example, all Iron Banner rewards are within one category, with sub-categories for Hunter, Titan, and Warlock. There are also categories for each planet’s unique weapons and armor sets, the Leviathan raid’s rewards, the Factions, and more. Every bit piece of loot in Destiny 2 that can be earned is included, with future additions likely to fill in as it becomes available.

Destiny 2 Collection Tool for Weapons and Armor - Exotics

Many Guardians are likely asking what the necessity of such a tool is for Destiny 2. After all, Destiny 2 doesn’t feature many of the complicated collection elements for which the original Destiny was known. However, rather than travel to various Destinations to see what each vendor offers and cross-reference that with their inventory, players can just pull up this tool and create a checklist. They will know exactly how to get their missing item and where it typically drops.

Regarding security concerns, Destiny 2 players should rest easy. The Destiny 2 API only allows access to certain kinds of information, so the Destiny Sets website can only access what Bungie’s service allows it. Even the authentication process itself is done on Bungie.net and not on Destiny Sets. It never hurts to be wary and verify the URLs of each page while going through the process, but the tool should be about as safe as using Bungie.net itself.

Destiny 2 is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Good luck collecting, Guardians.

Source: Destiny Sets