Destiny 2 is finally here and players are already rapidly revealing all of the game’s tiny secrets. They are finding out what new gear is available in the game, what secrets the story missions hold, and most importantly digging deep into the in-game lore. But some players may be curious about a few items they were promised upfront, specifically the Coldheart exotic trace rifle.

While the Coldheart exotic trace rifle was a pre-order bonus for Destiny 2, that doesn’t not mean players unlock it right away. Instead, players will need to progress through the story and experience the majority Bungie’s sequel before the Coldheart will be available to them.

Step 1: Finish the Story Campaign

To unlock Coldheart, players will need to have done two things. First they will need to complete the main story mission in Destiny 2, called “The Red War.” It’s the central conflict between the Guardians and Ghaul and will see the player venturing across the solar system to unique destinations like Nessus and Io.

destiny 2 ghaul

Step 2: Reach Level 20

In most cases completing the main story missions should help players achieve the second requirement, which is to reach level 20 in Destiny 2. Now, this is just the basic experience-based level in the game, not the power level, which caps out at 300.

Getting to level 20 simply requires experience and almost everything in Destiny 2 rewards it. By and large if players finish the campaign and complete a few adventures or public events along the way, they should hit the level cap. They can even get there faster by using an increased XP boost from the Pop Tart Destiny 2 promotion.

Step 3: Visit the Gunsmith

Once players have finished the campaign and hit level 20 they can pick up their Coldheart from the Gunsmith. He will also have another pre-order bonus item, the Kill-Tracker Ghost, available as well.

destiny 2 coldheart exotic firing

For those that might not be familiar, Coldheart is an energy weapon, which means it occupies the second slot in a player’s weapon inventory. What makes the gun unique is that it is a trace rifle, meaning it fires a persistent beam of energy that damages any enemy in its path. The gun looks quite cool and any that pre-ordered Destiny 2 ahead of time – and a lot of players did – will have it, as well as the Kill-Tracker Ghost waiting for them at level 20.

Destiny 2 is available now for PS4 and Xbox One, and releases October 24 for PC.