Since it’s successful beta period this past weekend, Bungie has been upping the ante with pre-order bonuses for Destiny 2. Just for plopping down some cash, fans are able to get all sorts of in-game goodies from new ghosts, emotes, and even a new exotic trace rifle. With a name like Coldheart and what appears to be a blue beam of light emitted out of the weapon, many folks have started to assume this weapon features a brand new element type within the game.

Taking to Twitter to answer the rumors once and for all, Jon Weisnewski, who serves as senior gameplay director on Destiny 2, confirmed that the pre-order weapon fires arc damage, and not a fourth element type such as frost or ice. The weapon sits in the player’s energy slot and is also great for hitting a single target for big time damage. The longer the beam is held on an enemy, the more precision damage and weapon recoil it does as well.

According to the weapon’s lore, the Omolon foundry figured out a way to combine liquid cooled ammunition infused with arc energy for a gun that can fire a straight precision beam. The name Coldheart comes from the frozen looking tubes in the center of the weapon, which according to Bungie look like the chambers of a heart. It’ll be interesting to see what sort of weapon perks players will be able to play around with once they get their hands on this new weapon.

Even with Activision and GameStop previously commenting that pre-order numbers for Destiny 2 are very strong, Bungie continues to add more items to sweeten the pot. Real world items like fidget spinners have recently been uncovered as well as other types of in-game items like the kill tracker Ghost shell. What’s interesting about this cosmetic gear is that it actually keeps a running tally of how many enemies players have killed in PvE as well as how many kills players have achieved in PvP modes.

Destiny 2 launches on September 6 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The PC version follows suit a little later on October 24.

Source: Twitter