Destiny 2 Clan Migration Delayed


Players of the Destiny 2 beta got an extra (nearly) two days with the beta after it was extended earlier this week. While that allowed Bungie to do some more rigorous testing of the backend systems in the game, the extra time allotted to testing the beta ended up delaying another planned maintenance for the game.

On July 25, there was a scheduled clan migration, which would require anyone who currently leads a clan in Destiny 1 through to convert their clan or group over to a Destiny 2 clan. That has been pushed back one day as a result of the beta extension.

An exact time was not given for July 26, but community manager DeeJ said that the clan migration will kick off with a blog article and support documentation on to help players be able to activate or migrate their clan over to Destiny 2.

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Clans have always been a big part of Destiny, being woven into the game itself with clan tags and later a clan roster. There were also trophies/achievements in vanilla Destiny that were unlocked by completing activities in the game with a full fireteam of clanmates. And it looks like clans will continue to play an even bigger role in Destiny 2, being the foundation for the game's quasi-matchmaking for endgame content called Guided Games.

Plus, Bungie has said that there will be in-game rewards for clans, and that the actions and accomplishments of the individuals in a clan will benefit everyone in the group. The developer has yet to detail what kind of rewards clan members stand to reap from the new system.

Clans will continue to allow up to 100 players to join, but unfortunately where Alliances on allowed multiple clans to connect and be officially associated with one another, Bungie says that the new system with Destiny 2 will no longer support that feature.

Destiny 2 is set to launch September 6 on PS4 and Xbox One, then later on PC on October 24.

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