Bungie has confirmed that the chest lockout in Destiny 2 is (in some circumstances) not intentional, and the developer is working on a fix. When exactly this issue might be resolved is unclear, but players can at least breathe a little easier knowing that Bungie is aware and on the case.

For those that might not be familiar, there is a bug with chests that prevents them from dropping rewards if players collect too many in a short amount of time. It was assumed that this was a type of lockout to prevent players from farming resources too quickly, but the bug also affects Lost Sector and Cayde’s Stash chests as well.

In the weekly update, Bungie confirmed that the chest lockout is an “expected” result if too many planetary chests are opened within a short amount of time. However, this lockout is not supposed to apply to Lost Sector and Cayde’s Stash chests. Both of those chests require a considerable amount of effort to unlock – Cayde’s Stash chests are found using expensive treasure maps – and Bungie wants to honor that effort.

destiny 2 chest lockout fix

While a lot of Destiny 2 (and its predecessor) is built on players learning about the game and not being told, there are some things that it is nice to hear Bungie chime in on. For example, when a feature seems intentional, but Bungie reveals that is, in fact, a bug.

Most people thought that the raid and Trials clan engrams were supposed to be 10 Power to balance the effort of endgame players with non-endgame players. Then Bungie explained that the 10 power engrams were actually a bug – the engrams are supposed to scale with a player’s power level.

It’s unclear why Bungie decided to introduce the chest lockout, but we would venture to guess it was a way to curb farming methods. Since chests drop Tokens and Tokens can unlock gear, Bungie likely didn’t want players to be able to earn gear that fast. Unfortunately, the developer’s preoccupation with limiting progress has resulted in different problems for Destiny 2 players.

For now the best way to avoid the chest lockout we have found is to complete a Public Event and open its chest before trying to collect a Lost Sector or Cayde’s Stash chest. It’s obviously not an ideal situation, but it’s better to guarantee that the chests will have something in them then feel like Glimmer was wasted.

Destiny 2 is out now for PS4 and Xbox One, and will be released for PC on October 24th.