Without a doubt, Blizzard’s multiplayer online battle arena Heroes of the Storm already has a plethora of characters on the roster thanks to the publisher and developer’s extensive universes, but most fans would certainly agree that there’s always room for more. As it so happens, the MOBA’s game director Alan Dabiri recently addressed the possibility of characters from Bungie’s science fiction shooter realm of Destiny 2 joining the cast.

When asked about the potential for familiar faces from Destiny 2 making the leap to Heroes of the Storm, Dabiri explained that it doesn’t seem to be in the cards at the moment, but he didn’t rule out the possibility of it ever happening either. Regarding the matter, the MOBA’s game director said, “I don’t know. That’s something where, when we actually get to that point, we’d have to talk about whether that’s appropriate for Heroes and for a Blizzard game. Right now it’s not something we’re looking at, but we haven’t even really thought about it that much, we haven’t really discussed it.”

For those unaware, one reason why many are wondering if Destiny 2 characters could come to Heroes of the Storm is due to the fact that the forthcoming sequel to Bungie’s 2014 science fiction shooter is going to be launched on PC exclusively through Battle.net, which is Blizzard’s gaming app for the platform. Of course, Dabiri also made it a point to explain how many HotS heroes are already on backlog, with characters from Destiny 2 simply not being a priority for the team at the moment.

“Right now we’re really just focusing on Blizzard. We have so many heroes, villains from all of our own universes. We have a list that never ends.

“I don’t know if we’re in a place right now where we’re really motivated to dive outside of the Blizzard universes. You never know in the future, but right now we’re just focused on the Blizzard franchises.”

As many Heroes of the Storm fans are surely aware, since there are already a bunch of preexisting characters waiting on deck to be added to the game, and with new Overwatch heroes arriving at a more frequent rate, it will likely be quite some time before Destiny 2 sees its characters like Commander Zavala or Cayde-6 make their way onto the MOBA’s roster. Taking all of this into consideration, though, it will be interesting to see when or if certain Guardians eventually show up in Heroes of the Storm in the future.

Destiny 2 is slated to release on September 6, 2017 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, while a PC version launches on October 24, 2017. Heroes of the Storm is available now on PC.

Source: PCGamesN