Destiny 2: When is the Cutoff for Destiny 1 Character Carry Over?

Destiny screenshot - Male character customization

Now that Bungie has announced veteran rewards for Destiny 1 players to redeem in Destiny 2, some might be wondering how much longer they have to earn those rewards. Yes, there is a cutoff date for Destiny 1 progress, and it’s not that far off.

On August 1st, Bungie will officially cease tracking certain stats in Destiny 1 for the purpose of carrying over into Destiny 2. That means any who hope to earn all of the veteran emblems for the game will need to make sure they complete their tasks by August 1st.

Moreover, this means that any character designs (face, hair, markings, etc.) that are there on August 1st will carry over to that same character in Destiny 2. As of right now Bungie does not have plans to let players edit the look of the character they carry over, but that could change in the future. The hope is that Destiny 2 will offer players a robust set of character customization options, but Bungie has yet to say anything about that just yet.

Destiny screenshot - Alien character customization 2

The good news is that players should be able to log in to Destiny 2 and claim their veteran rewards, store them in the server, and then make a brand new character. No one will be forced to use a Destiny 1 character if they don’t want to.

That being said, not all characters will transfer over to Destiny 2 on August 1st. In order to be eligible to transfer, that specific character will need to have completed the Black Garden mission and reached level 20. Black Garden, for those that might not be familiar, is the final story mission of vanilla Destiny.

There are also quite a few items that will not carry over into Destiny 2, from weapons to armor to shaders to emotes. Essentially, anything that players have collected over their 3-year journey in Destiny 1 will be left behind, including the silver purchased using in-game currency.

destiny 2 new emblem screen

At this point, Destiny players have had enough time to make their peace with the fact that their collections will be left behind. It may be a tough pill to swallow, but at the very least Bungie came up with a clever story explanation for why the vaults are destroyed.

But, they aren’t officially “destroyed” just yet; there is still time to finish a few goals before the Destiny 2 cutoff happens. And there will also be a few events left to look forward to as well, like the last weekend of Trials of Osiris.

Destiny 2 releases September 6, 2017 for PS4 and Xbox One, and October 24th for PC

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