Destiny 2’s Forsaken expansion is killing off one fan-favorite character who plays a pretty big role in-game: Cayde-6. Cayde is the Hunter Vanguard, the one responsible for overseeing and training new Hunters for the Vanguard, an incredibly important role for citizens of The Last City.

But with Cayde dying in Destiny 2, the question remains as to who will take up the mantle of Hunter Vanguard. Here are three possible choices for Cayde-6’s replacement that we know about.

Eris Morn

Eris Morn is perhaps one of the most peculiar guardians in Destiny history. A highly skilled hunter, she was part of the first fireteam to dive into the Hellmouth to take on Crota. While the rest of her fireteam fell, Eris survived, though without her Ghost. She also replaced her eyes with the eyes of an Acolyte, giving her better sight in the suffocating darkness of the Hellmouth. Eris left The Last City before the arrival of the Red Legion and has not been seen since.

destiny eris morn concept art hunter hive

While Eris has the skill to be the next Hunter Vanguard, her priorities lie elsewhere. Eris puts all her attention toward bringing down the Hive, using every bit of her last life to make sure the Hive are defeated once and for all. While the Scorn are more like Hive than Fallen, they may not be worth Eris’ time when compared to the looming threat of Savathun.

Ana Bray

Ana Bray made her return in the Warmind expansion. Ana is one of the most famous and skilled Hunters in the Destiny universe, though Warmind failed to mention any of her achievements. While Ana certainly fits the bill for skilled Hunter, her attention is very clearly devoted to Rasputin and being the mediator between the warmind and the Vanguard. Zavala will also likely want her to stay near Rasputin to make sure Rasputin is under constant surveillance.

destiny 2 warmind ana bray hunter


Shiro-4 was first introduced in the Rise of Iron expansion for Destiny as a Hunter Scout for the Vanguard at the Iron Temple. Shiro trained under Cayde and became close friends with the fellow Exo during his time in The Last City. Shiro is likely the best fit for the Hunter Vanguard role, as he has no prior commitments and is already allied with the Vanguard. Shiro’s closeness to Cayde may serve as good motivation to bring the scout back home or to help track down the Barons who helped kill his friend.

destiny shiro shiro4 hunter rise of iron

These are some of the most likely replacements for Cayde that players know about currently. Since Bungie has confirmed that Cayde is not coming back, they have to have someone in line to be the replacement for the well-liked Hunter Vanguard. Whether it is an entirely new character, or an existing Hunter, fans will need to get used to redeeming their Flashpoint rewards from someone else.

Destiny 2: Forsaken launches September 4, 2018 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.