Bungie is quickly approaching one of its most anticipated releases in a while with the Destiny 2 expansion, Forsaken. Naturally, the developer is readying plenty of SKUs for players to pick from including the base game, an annual pass bundle, and various other special editions. Just as it did with the original Destiny 2 release, GameStop is offering an interesting alternative bundle centered around the doomed exo, Cayde-6.

Known as the Cayde-6 Collection, this Destiny 2 themed gift set was seemingly put together to celebrate the Hunter Vanguard before his fate is sealed in a few weeks. For those interested in unique merchandise, this bundle comes with¬†Cayde-6’s journal, Spicy Ramen tin and mug, Cayde-6 sheet magnet, Ghost Mini-Vinyl figure with stand, Earth velcro patch, and an “Eyes Up Guardian” bumper sticker. Finally, an in-game emblem known as Guardian’s Call can also be redeemed through an included code.

Destiny 2 cayde 6 collectors box

Interested consumers should be aware that this collection doesn’t actually come with a code for the game or the Forsaken expansion, only a downloadable in-game emblem. Coming in at just $29.99, this set only features collectible items and trinkets. While it’s listed under the Toys & Collectables label, it’s likely that someone will likely end up mistaking this collection for one that includes the actual game.

Since its official reveal prior to E3, Bungie has been riding a wave of hype from its community as many believe Forsaken will fix the many issues with Destiny 2 similarly to what The Taken King did for the original game. Unlike the previous two expansions, which mostly left the community feeling underwhelmed, Forsaken aims to make sweeping changes across the board with community requested features, enhancements, and fixes, while simultaneously adding plenty of new things to do like the hybrid PvPvE mode Gambit, a new destination within The Dreaming City, and a brand new campaign story.

Destiny 2: Forsaken launches on September 4, 2018 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: GameStop