Destiny 2 Parody Trailer Reveals a Funny 'New' Enemy

destiny 2 live action trailer parody

Destiny 2 stands ready to send players to never before seen places to face new enemies. Some of these have been spotted in the trailers and gameplay that have been released for the game, including the Cabal's new dog-like creature.

But that's not the "new" type of enemy in this fan-made live action Destiny 2 trailer parody. In fact, don't expect to see anything like this in Destiny 2; however, it does make for one funny mashup:

YouTuber Freakin Rad is behind this impressive looking live action parody trailer. Kudos to him for the impressive production value, as the Guardians' armor and weapons, plus the Ghost and ship effects are pretty high quality. Obviously, Care Bears are never an enemy that Guardians are likely to face, but Freakin Rad has fun with the concept.

There are plenty of nods to Destiny here that fans will appreciate. There's a reference to Destiny 2's reveal trailer, taking a shot at Cayde-6 and referencing the new antagonist, Ghaul (or as Cayde and fans call him, Gary). There's also a funny in-joke when Ghost says, "Well, tell me if you need to open a door," referencing a common criticism that Destiny's Ghost character is a glorified key, only being summoned when a door needs to be opened or a computer terminal hacked. We also smiled at the appearance of splitting and multiplying Taken versions of the Care Bears, a riff on the Taken Psions introduced in The Taken King expansion.

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And finally, the video makes a nod to the important role of loot in Destiny. The Guardian presents a Care Bear-themed scout rifle to his fellow Guardians in the Tower, to which one responds that it is just the Boolean Gemini with a rainbow painted on it. It's a fun take on the Destiny universe that fans will likely appreciate.

As for actual Destiny 2, there has not been an official live action trailer released yet, but considering Bungie and Activision's track record with live action Destiny trailers, it seems likely one will come out at some point before the game launches in the fall. For those waiting to see more of the sci-fi shooter sequel, the next time Bungie will be showing off and talking about Destiny 2 will be E3 in just a few weeks.

Until then, enjoy this parody or check out some more official trailers for the game.

Destiny 2 will launch September 8 on PS4 and Xbox One and launching on PC at a later unannounced date.

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