Without a doubt, plenty of Guardians in Destiny 2 are likely preparing for the science fiction shooter’s forthcoming Prestige Leviathan Raid by getting their characters up to the appropriate power level as quickly as can be and running through the normal version of the game mode as much as possible. Bungie, however, is looking further into the future for the title, as the developer has announced that the game will be receiving a feature called “Seasons,” with the studio set to reveal more details soon.

Although Destiny 2 has already mentioned Seasons in the Clan settings in-game, Bungie has yet to more fully unveil what all the feature will entail, as the studio is preparing for a discussion involving the matter that will occur during TwitchCon this month. As it so happens, the developer will hold a panel and livestream titled “The Seasons of Destiny” on Friday, October 20, starting at 4:30 PM PT, during which Bungie will talk about what Seasons mean for the sequel, what will change from Season to Season, and how many Seasons players can expect throughout Destiny 2‘s lifespan.

Presumably, Destiny 2 is currently in Season 1, and so it’s a safe bet to make that the panel will talk at length about exactly when Season 2 for the science fiction shooter begins. According to Bungie, Seasons are all about keeping the game’s fan base “engaged,” but it failed to fully elaborate on what that could mean. The most likely explanation stems from Destiny 1 fans complaining that content was not released quickly enough for the first title – something which Activision CEO Eric Hirshberg admitted – with Seasons being the remedy to a potential content drought.

All things considered, with Destiny 2‘s first month come and gone, it’s highly likely that plenty of Guardians are still enjoying their time with the title, and they already have even more to look forward to with the Seasons feature as the game evolves and adds more content. Not to mention, Bungie has also announced the first Iron Banner dates for the sequel, which ought to tide Guardians over for a while once it’s live.

Destiny 2 is available now for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and it releases on October 24, 2017 for PC.

Source: Bungie