Bungie Pokes Fun at Destiny 2 Players Saying Game is Too Easy


Not too long ago, the video game developer Bungie officially launched the raid lair known as Spire of Stars for its science fiction shooter Destiny 2, with a plethora of fans going into it assuming that it would be a quick experience with little to no difficulties. As many Guardians will likely attest, though, the activity proved to be a bit harder than anticipated, which has led to the studio poking some fun at players who struggled with it.

As seen in the tweets below, Destiny 2 raid team lead Joe Blackburn and the studio's David "DeeJ" Dague took to their official Twitter accounts to joke around about players initially facing Spire of Stars with skepticism regarding its difficulty, who then realized they're in for hard times ahead. While Blackburn shared light jabs at the game's streaming community, Dague intimated that the raid lair's toughness was due to fans criticizing the title for being "too easy."

While these tweets from both Blackburn and Dague were shared before Destiny 2's Spire of Stars raid lair was even beaten, eventually the fireteam known as Clan Redeem claimed a World's First win in little over 6 and a half hours, with the run including 11,864 kills and 598 deaths. Interestingly enough, they were the members of the same clan who actually managed to finish the previous raid lair – that is, Eater of Worlds – with only two players.

For those unaware as to just how difficult the Spire of Stars raid lair actually is, many Destiny 2 fans initially believed that the recommended light level would be around 340-350, but were surprised to discover that the real recommended level ended up being 370. To make matters even harder, it has become apparent that the light level of the final encounter of the raid lair is around 380, which is the new level cap that came with Warmind. Hopefully, though, the Destiny 2 community will take the aforementioned Bungie developers' jokes in stride.

Destiny 2 is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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