Not long ago, the video game developer Bungie officially divulged the Iron Banner’s return date for the science fiction shooter sequel Destiny 2, and also revealed some impressive new armor that players will be able to earn in the game mode. While the gear for the event looks quite beautiful, it led many to wonder why the studio didn’t mention what kind of armaments would be available, too. Thankfully, Bungie has now confirmed that in addition to the Iron Banner armor, weapons can be earned as well.

As seen in the tweet below from Bungie’s official Twitter account, the developer explains that Guardians will be able to earn Tokens by playing Destiny 2‘s Iron Banner, with those who win earning more than those who don’t. These Tokens are capable of being redeemed with Lord Saladin to earn certain rewards, with the most notable being the event’s armor, and its currently unrevealed weaponry.

As of now, there’s no telling what kind of guns and ordnance will be on-hand as rewards for Destiny 2‘s first Iron Banner. Of course, should the samurai-inspired armor be any indication of what kind of weaponry Guardians will be able to collect and wield, then maybe some kind of katana could be included. After all, Destiny 1 fans have pleaded with Bungie in the past for a blade-type to be included in the event, with some fans even having gone so far as to create their own 3D sword model specifically for the Iron Banner.

Taking all of this into account, one can only hope Destiny 2‘s Iron Banner weapons will be worth waiting and grinding for, and that Bungie won’t end up negating their usefulness soon after they become available by way of a nerf or stat tweak. After all, as past evidence has indicated, the studio definitely doesn’t have a problem with weapon nerfs in the action-RPG.

Destiny 2 is out now for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and it will launch on October 24, 2017 for PC.

Source: Bungie – Twitter