Destiny 2: Bungie Dev Shows Early Design UI Elements


As many Destiny 2 players might attest, Bungie's science fiction shooter has a bright, lively design style and clean-looking user interfaces that make playing the game a welcoming and often clutter-free experience. Of course, to get to the point it is now, developers and designers had to work painstakingly behind the scenes to ensure such visuals and UI assets were palatable to all players. So, in order to give fans some insight into the design process, one Bungie developer has decided to show off some early design and UI elements for the game.

As seen in the images below from Destiny 2's Visual Design Lead, Ryan Klaverweide, fans of the Bungie action-RPG can get a look at several of his early design concepts and pitches that didn't wind up making it into the final game. Not only can Guardians check out the developer's cutting room floor materials, but also they can do a deep dive on a plethora of different assets he's worked on for the title right here, with various elements that range from screen designs to 2D art and iconography.










Whether it's the different layout of the character select screen, Zen Meteor being used as a placeholder asset, or the fact that Hawthorne was apparently once named Fairchild, the early design concepts from Klaverweide should give Guardians plenty to pore over. What's more is that it serves as a solid means to help fans appreciate the fact that games the size and caliber of Destiny 2 require a lot of work and meticulous attention to detail on developers' parts in order to fully bring them to life.

There's no doubt that Klaverweide should be commended for doing his part in developing Destiny 2, but it's safe to presume that a lot of players are also primed and ready to find out what's coming next for the action-RPG franchise. As it so happens, an infamous Destiny leaker with a great track record for sharing accurate information recently offered up some story and gameplay details regarding the third entry, but we will have to wait and see if these details come to pass or get the axe during development.

Destiny 2 is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Ryan Klaverweide – Behance

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