This Destiny 2 Build Does Insane Melee Damage

destiny 2 arcstrider insane melee damage build

Destiny 2 players have discovered a new build, combining perks and gear, for the Arcstrider Hunter that stacks a number of buffs to result in a single melee attack that can do insane amounts of damage. As the game moves toward its third year with the release of the Shadowkeep expansion in the fall, the past year of add-on content has helped add perks and exotics to the game that make this build possible.

To take advantage of this build, players need a shotgun with the One-Two Punch perk, which can be found specifically on the curated roll of the Emperor’s Courtesy shotgun from the Crown of Sorrow raid or on the Last Man Standing shotgun that drops from the Reckoning activity added in Season of the Drifter. The One-Two Punch perk increases melee damage for a short duration when every pellet of a shot hits an enemy.

Next, players need to select the top tree of the Arcstrider in Destiny 2 that contains Combination Blow and Combat Flow. Killing an enemy with the Combination Blow melee ability triggers health regeneration and increases melee damage temporarily, stacking up to three times. Combat Flow and the Gambler’s Dodge class ability work together to give players instantly regenerating melee and dodges.

The last part of this build are the Liar’s Handshake exotic gauntlets. This armor’s exotic perk is Cross Counter, which grants an “extremely powerful melee counterpunch” that also heals when using an arc melee ability or when hit by a melee attack.

The reason this build works so effectively to buff your melee damage is that all three of these perks stack on top of each other. Players should be aggressive and focus on the dodge/melee/shotgun attack combination. They can be aggressive because Combination Blow and Cross Counter will heal players taking damage while in close to enemies and then as the damage buffs of the perks stack, players can deal massive damage.

All three perks won’t always be active all the time, but they will be every two to three melee attacks. And when they do, one single melee attack can deal massive amounts of damage in a single hit, even enough to take out enemies like a Lost Sector boss.

This is a great Arcstrider subclass build when playing solo and away from random players because, in order to keep up the chaining of perks, players will need to have plenty of enemies to kill. If there are other players killing those enemies, it will be harder to keep the chain going and the perks active. While this probably is not something that is sustainable in endgame content and certainly not in PvP, this is a fun build for players to tackle a lot of the game’s more casual content with, especially solo.

Destiny 2 is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Ehroar

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