Destiny 2 Buffing Exotic Hand Cannon in Shadowkeep

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Not every exotic weapon or armor piece in Destiny 2 was created equal, and many are left to gather dust in player vaults since there are many better options in the game. One such exotic is the Sunshot hand cannon.

Sunshot is one of the game's most unique weapons, as it fires explosive rounds and causes enemies to explode in a blast of fire when defeated with this gun. However, Sunshot features low damage and a painfully small magazine size for being a 150 RPM hand cannon.

According to one of Bungie's community managers, Sunshot will be getting some updates when Shadowkeep drops this October. While some big game changes can be slow, this one has been a long time coming.

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The official statement comes from a Destiny 2 forum thread discussing Sunshot and how it needs to be buffed. Community Manager dmg04 replied to the thread reassuring fans that changes were coming to the solar hand cannon. While no specifics were given, dmg04 did mention that the magazine size was a big focus for Sunshot and would be addressed. For comparison, most other 150 RPM hand cannons in Destiny 2 range from 12-13 bullets per magazine, while Sunshot has only eight. dmg04 went on to state that more details on these changes would come closer to Shadowkeep's release.

destiny 2 sunshot exotic hand cannon

Shadowkeep is bringing a lot of big changes to Destiny 2, including a the massive Armor 2.0 overhaul. It seems that Shadowkeep will bring both sizeable Quality of Life changes as well as new content for players to tackle. With Bungie leaning into the MMORPG elements that fans have been longing for, it only makes sense that Bungie is looking to polish the existing elements of the game to make the overall experience way better.

Sunshot has been a fun gun to use to clear low-level enemies, like Thralls and Dregs, but in any higher level activity there are plenty of better weapons to use. While it may be fun to take Sunshot into the upcoming Mars community event to clear a ton of Thrall in Escalation Protocol, it won't be practical in the Nightfall portion of the challenge. Sunshot feels exotic due to its perk, but it really lacks in power. Hopefully with Shadowkeep, Sunshot will be the great hand cannon that fans want it to be.

Destiny 2 is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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Source: Bungie

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