Destiny 2: Bungie Just Made it Easier to Get the Wayfarer Title

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The Wayfarer title in Destiny 2 has been a long, almost impossible slog for some players to earn. But the newest Destiny 2 update makes a key change that should ease up one of the frustrating parts of getting earning the Destinations seal and the associated Wayfarer title.

Update went live on September 3, 2019 and it brought a change to the Mars destination that will directly impact those seeking out the Wayfarer title. The change makes it so that the Braytech Schematics found on Mars now have a greater chance of giving players a weapon they do not already have. Not only that, but Braytech Schematics have been made more common, no longer being limited to one drop per account per day. Their drop chance has also been increased to 25% when activating a Sleeper Node. In theory, that means at least one in four Sleeper Nodes will grant a Braytech Schematic.

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This "bad luck" protection (as it is sometimes called) should help combat players' bad luck with RNG. Earning the Wayfarer title is up to chance because part of the seal requires that players find all four Braytech weapons from the Warmind expansion. The problem has been that finding Braytech Schematics was pretty rare and the RNG involved made the rarity skyrocket even more, especially for players in need of one specific weapon.

As a reminder, Braytech Schematics have been a random drop when activating Sleeper Nodes on Mars. Activating a Sleeper Node requires combining four Resonate Stems, which are found primarily by completing Lost Sectors, patrols, and public events on Mars. Not only does it take a while of grinding for Resonate Stems, but then players must find the Sleeper Node that the Resonate Stems randomly activate. Once activated, Braytech Schematics have been a rare, once-a-day drop. If one does drop, there is another random chance that it could open into one of the four Braytech weapons, a ship, or a Ghost shell.

There are plenty of stories online of players who have spent hours in pursuit on the one last Braytech weapon they need, to never have it actually drop. Hopefully, these new changes now active in Destiny 2 will help players finally complete their collection. This is a great week for this change to take place as well considering that Bungie created a community challenge focused on Mars, so there's plenty to do on the destination this week.

Destiny 2 is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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