Destiny 2: How to Farm the Braytech Osprey from Strange Terrain Nightfall

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This week is a big one for Destiny 2 players that are chasing the Wayfarer Title, as it was only the second week since the launch of Forsaken to feature Strange Terrain as a Nightfall Strike option. That means any who were waiting to collect the Braytech Osprey rocket launcher finally have their chance. The Braytech is so sought after because it is one of the requirements for completing the Wayfarer Title.

However, since this is a rare occurrence, it’s important that Destiny 2 players maximize their time wisely. Getting a Nightfall Exclusive reward is not easy, but Bungie has made it slightly easier thanks to deterministic RNG (if the item doesn’t drop, then the odds on the next drop increase). But even so, there are some helpful tricks to help players with their Braytech Osprey farming.

The most important thing to do is to surpass the 100,000 score in the Strange Terrain Nightfall Strike. According to Bungie, logging a 100K score increases the odds of earning a Nightfall exclusive reward from any run, regardless of the final score. Once that score is on a player’s record, their chances are much better to earn the Braytech Osprey.

Best Modifiers for 100K Score

Since Strange Terrain is a relatively short strike players will want to maximize their score buffs. We recommend around a 50 power level disadvantage, as well as the Match Game and Extinguish modifiers. Arc singe and Void singe are the best options for elemental buffs, since the final strike boss, Nokris, uses Solar damage. It’s also very tricky to quickly kill Nokris, so it’s best to play it safe.

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The only other important thing to note is that the Ritual Knights that spawn in the final boss fight room are worth a good amount of points and they will respawn continuously. As long as players take the orb that the Knights drop and don’t throw it at the crystals, they will keep appearing for more points.

With those tips in mind, it should be fairly easy to get a 100,000+ score on the Strange Terrain Nightfall Strike.

How to Quickly Kill Nokris

Once the team has a 100K score under their belt, the focus turns to quickly completing the Strange Terrain strike. For this, we recommend Arc Singe and Heavyweight as the modifiers, and the Wardcliff Coil rocket launcher. The ideal class combination is one Warlock with Well of Radiance and Lunafaction Boots and one Titan with Hammer Strike (“Melting point”).

Get through the strike as usual, focusing on the objective. Several parts of the strike have enemies but kill them is not essential to progress. Try to run past these enemies where possible.

destiny 2 forsaken dawnblade well of radiance warlock super

Once the team gets to the boss fight room, set up right next to where Nokris appears. The Warlock should be ready to put down its Well of Radiance and the Titan should be a few paces back, ready to melee Nokris as soon as he appears. When that happens, the Well goes down and the melee connects and the three players unleash Wardcliff Coil shots. If done correctly, Nokris should fall before he can shield herself and the strike will be complete.

It may take a run or two to get the timing down but this is a great way to kill Nokris without extending the fight. That way, Destiny 2 players have more chances at getting the Braytech Osprey to drop. Once they have it, that's one item off the checklist for completing the Wayfarer seal and title.

Destiny 2 is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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