Destiny 2: 10 Bosses That Are Way Easier Than They Look

The world of Destiny 2 is filled with powerful enemies. Anyone who has ever jumped into the looter-shooter can attest that developer Bungie likes to throw everything, including the kitchen sink, at their players. Throughout your journey, you'll face hordes of enemies, major units, mini-bosses, and of course, big bad end-game giants. With so many foes to face, there are bound to be some major differences between some boss battles and missions.

As your Guardian grows stronger, you'll find yourself leaving certain enemies in the dust and before you know it you'll be farming these baddies like it's a day job. Unfortunately, that also means some of the more imposing and challenging bosses become "less than threatening" too. Now in its 3rd year of release, Destiny 2 is chock full of bosses that look way more imposing than they actually are.

There are still many challenges to face for you and your Guardian but the 10 bosses featured on this list have quickly become disappointingly easy.

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10 The Warden

Anyone who has stuck with Destiny 2 since the beginning can contest just how much The Warden fight has changed over time. There were a few fleeting moments in Destiny 2 history when Guardians would cringe at the thought of sloughing their way through a Nightfall version of The Warden of Nothing strike. Waiting at the end, The Warden would quickly power up and circle the arena it calls home, blasting Guardians with a devastating beam attack that could quickly melt even the most resilient of players. He even came packed with an additional Cabal mini-boss that caused quite the headache.

Nowadays, The Warden is a prime victim for Destiny 2's power-scaling. Most teams that face this once imposing threat deplete his health bar so quickly that he doesn't even have time to begin attacking.

9 Bracus Zahn

Bungie does a great job in supplying its players with fun and interesting strikes. The Arms Dealer has quickly become a fan-favorite over the years thanks to its length, lore, and action-packed sequences. When it was first introduced, fireteams had to work closely together and take great caution in moving through the mass of units set between them and the terrifying 800 lb weapons-specialist, Bracus Zahn. The end fight was tough, filled with deadly enemy units and a few mechanics that made Zahn a real hassle (especially during Nightfalls).

Like the Warden, this once imposing threat has become fodder for the power-scaling and buff-stacking. He can usually be taken out before he even has a chance to shield himself or summon his strongest pets.

8 Dominus Ghaul

If there's one thing we've all learned about Destiny over the years, it's that the longevity of the title is deeply rooted in the end game. Although it features a rather fun campaign and Bungie does a great job in giving us an interesting and engrossing story to follow, many Guardians are chomping at the bit to reach Level 50 and start their "true journey" from the moment they first start playing.

Perhaps this is one of the reasons that Dominus Ghaul feels so underwhelming. The main-story boss for Destiny 2 suffers from a massive buildup that just doesn't pay off in the end. In comparison to many of the other threats you'll face post-game, Ghaul is quite the pushover. This is made worse by the fact that you can bring a fireteam with you into the final battle. At that point, it's simply overkill.

7 Savathun's Song

No matter how powerful a Guardian gets, there will always be a handful of enemy units that pose a threat based entirely on their mechanics and abilities. Hive Shriekers don't care what your light level is or what types of weapons you have. Enter a room and fail to take them out quickly and you'll soon find yourself respawning. No one likes Shriekers so imagine how scary and frustrating a giant boss-level Shrieker would be. That's exactly what you get with Savathan's Song, and for a while, this boss seemed pretty imposing.

When it comes right down to it though, the actual boss isn't much of a threat. All of the Hive units it summons are the real bread and butter for this fight. Savathun's Song may look like a nightmare but you can avoid pretty much all of its firepower by hiding behind a nearby rock.

6 Irasuk

Known as the Herald of Salvation, Guardians will come across this boss later into the main campaign. Most of the story bosses are weak in hindsight because you're still leveling up at this point in the game. Likewise, it's why some of them can be a bigger pain than others. Take on a mission at "too low a level" or without the right equipment and you're in for a rude awakening. Irasuk is definitely one of the more imposing bosses to come across, especially for those ill-equipped. As with any Taken boss, he does a massive amount of damage and even just a few hits from his weapon can put you in the ground.

That said, with all the new weapons featured in Destiny 2, it's likely you'll have something powerful at your disposal by the time you meet this foe. He's simply not as threatening anymore.

5 Thumos, The Unbroken

When it comes to imposing bosses, Thumos might be the scariest foe you'll come up against during the main campaign. There is something downright threatening about this massive Cabal and the claustrophobic "throne room" in which you fight him certainly doesn't help. Not only does Thumos have access to some seriously painful abilities and three "phases" but he also comes flanked by two Commander Legionnaires and a slew of other mobs. Simply put, it's easy to get overwhelmed quickly during this fight.

Unfortunately, Thumos and the environment look way more imposing than they really are. Once you clear the adds, you realize this boss is pretty easy to avoid.

4 Nokris

Many of the most successful video game bosses, from a lore standpoint, are so strong that they have thousands of disposable minions waiting to do their bidding. Nokris is no different and it's no wonder so many Hive are willing to bend the knee to this Wizard, considering how powerful he looks. To make matters even worse, from a lore standpoint, Nokris is a son (although disgraced) of Oryx and those who played the original Destiny know just how powerful his father was.

Unfortunately for Nokris, once you take away his minions (and his three-phase mechanic), he's actually a bit of a pushover. He's fairly easy to avoid and an easy-to-shoot weak spot means he'll go down quickly.

3 Xol

You'll find yourself facing Nokris during the events of Warmind as he attempts to summon a literal "Worm God" to bring destruction to Rasputin and Mars. Unfortunately for the Guardians, Nokris succeeds in his mission and the Worm God Xol shows up to wreak havoc on everything in its path. When you first arrive at the end platform to face this mighty foe, you'll likely find yourself shaking in your boots. He's huge, loud, and can shoot a massive beam from his mouth.

Looks can be deceiving though. Thanks to some help from Ana Bray (and the Javelin) and the fact that Xol is pretty easy to "avoid," most players stop fearing this slithery God pretty quickly.

2 Insurrection Prime

We decided to include this one on the list because, while the fight can be a bit of a slough, the boss itself doesn't really do much (so long as you have a teammate or two that knows what they're doing). When it comes to Raid Bosses, you won't really need to worry so much about Insurrection Prime sliding from the shadows and randomly ending your life. Sure, he has a "wipe the team" mechanic and you will need to make sure you do everything correct to keep him from freaking out, but the actual massive mech is pretty docile.

This is especially true lately, thanks to new weapons being capable of taking him down rather fast during the damage phase.

1 Kalli

Raids are supposed to truly test your mettle. For the most part, they do. Last Wish can be incredibly frustrating, especially when it comes to some of its puzzle components. That said, the first encounter you come across, Kalli, is actually pretty easy from a Raid standpoint. Not only can she be whittled down relatively easily but her "wipe mechanic" is pretty unforgiving. Even inexperienced crews seem to only faily a few times before they realize how simple it can be to pass this imposing-looking threat.

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