Alongside a new story campaign, new destinations, and new gear, Destiny 2: Forsaken brings a lot of little small additions to the table as well. Some of these new activities players will see up front, while others, like the Blind Well, will be a mystery for a while. For those that do happen to make it to the Dreaming City within the first few days, though, we have some important tips for the endgame activity.

Blind Well is built like a combination between Escalation Protocol from the Warmind expansion and Court of Oryx from Destiny: The Taken King. Players will need to deposit a “key” called a Charge of Light to activate the activity, and those Charges come in three different tiers.

Charge of Light

Obtaining a Charge of Light – Tier 1 is fairly easy. Complete public events or lost sectors around the Dreaming City and eventually they will drop. Petra Venj will also sell them in exchange for Dark Fragments but we found it relatively easy to obtain the Tier 1 version.

blind well area in dreaming city

Charge of Light – Tier 2 can be found as a rare drop while exploring the Dreaming City, or it can come from the reward chest upon completion of a Tier 1 Blind Well encounter. And finally there is a Tier 3 Charge of Light, which presumably can drop from the Tier 2 chest but we have yet to see one in the wild.

Once players have acquired a Charge of Light they can head to the Blind Well zone. In the center of the room is a tower-like structure that goes into the “well.” Surrounding the tower are three receptacles, one for each tier of Charge of Light. Players can select which tier of activity they want to activate based on the Charge they deposit, but keep in mind the activity is difficult.

Blind Well Waves and Harmony Buff

Each Blind Well run consists of 5 waves wherein players must stay near a specific area and defeat enemies. The first wave starts in the center area but then they move around the zone. Run to each new zone quickly because being outside of the “well” will cause damage. Players will get a buff called “Touch the Sky” whenever they leave the well, though, so they can do a little scouting or close range damage if need be.

After the first round, each subsequent round will feature an enemy called a Servant of the Plague. These Scorn enemies have a white shield around them that cannot be damaged by any Guardian weapon or ability. In order to do damage to the shield, players need to look for a different enemy called an Anathema.

Killing these enemies will drop a ball that rewards a 10-second buff called Harmony. With this buff active, the player can damage and inevitably remove the Servant’s shield and then everyone is free to kill it.

harmony buff in blind well activity

The Harmony buff also grants increased ability recharge so it is worth picking up the orbs regardless. However, if you don’t have the Harmony buff we discourage anyone from shooting at the Servants of the Plague. Understanding how the Harmony buff works to remove the shield is crucial for the final round.

Because the team is stuck in a central area during each round, we recommend using roaming supers in case things get overwhelming. It also helps to have a Warlock using the Well of Radiance super for the overshield and increased damage. In fact, we would say that this super is essential for surviving the Blind Well early on when the enemies are rated for level 530 and higher.

The final wave will clear the damaging fog from the area and spawn a boss (or bosses for Tier 2). Once again, these bosses will have the white shield around them and players need to first kill an Anathema, get the Harmony buff, and then remove the boss’ shield. After that, the whole team can focus damage on the boss.

If the team is successful, a reward chest will spawn in the central area and players can claim some new Destiny 2: Forsaken gear, some Dark Fragments, and, if they are lucky, a Charge of Light – Tier 2.

Depending on the size of the group, their power level, and if anyone else is around, Blind Well is relatively easy to get through on Tier 1 and is manageable on Tier 2. Tier 3 is rated for power level 560 so it’s unlikely most players are ready for that just yet. However, once the time comes don’t forget the Harmony buff.

Destiny 2: Forsaken is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.