Destiny 2 Details Black Armory Changes for Next Update

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Since the launch of Destiny 2’s Black Armory add-on, players have noted a number of issues with the content, small bugs that have either impeded progress or led to undesirable results. Some of those issues, however, should be fixed in a forthcoming update, which Bungie detailed in its weekly Destiny 2 blog post.

The biggest change coming with the next update will be a removal of the restriction on ballistic log inventory. Previously, Destiny 2 would remove any ballistic logs from a player’s inventory after the weekly reset. But now those logs will carry over and players can hold up to 5 in their inventory. Unfortunately, Bungie is still putting a limit where players can only purchase two of the three powerful frames per week.

Alongside the change to ballistic logs, Destiny 2 will now refund weapon frames that are carried over from the reset. Currently, when players still have a weapon frame in their inventory from the prior week it prevents them from picking up a new weapon frame. Now those frames will turn into either 1 ballistic log (for powerful frames) or 3 modulus reports (for regular weapon frames). Similarly, if a player holds on to a radiant matrix from a prior weapon frame quest it will now be removed after the reset.

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There are a few other housekeeping items on the docket for the Black Armory part of the update, including a boost to lore drop rates, modulus reports going to the post master, and forge emblems dropping directly from forge completions. The changes are admittedly small, but they will help those who are trying to forge weapons as quickly as possible as well as any chasing the Blacksmith title.

The good news is that these are not the only changes planned for the upcoming update. Bungie has previously detailed buffs for a number of weapon classes, as well as some changes to super damage in Destiny 2. But even as far as Black Armory is concerned, there may still be more that Bungie slips in before the 29th when the update is supposed to go live.

Destiny 2 is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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