Destiny 2 Black Armory Raid Release Date, Details

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Today, Bungie detailed its plan for future Destiny 2 content releases starting with Black Armory next week and running through the remainder of Year 2. Most importantly, the studio finally confirmed a few details on the new raid included with the Black Armory DLC. While Bungie wasn’t ready to give everything away, like the name or recommended power level, the developer did reveal a date and setting.

On December 7th, three days after the release of Black Armory, players will head to the Old City to take on a new endgame challenge. In the past, Bungie had said that Year 2 would continue the format of Raid Lairs that was started in Year 1, but the devs are calling this a “raid.” What that means in terms of the length and breadth of content available is unclear, but it could be that Bungie simply wants to stick to one clear naming convention for 6-player, endgame encounters.

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Stylistically and thematically Bungie drew comparisons to Wrath of the Machine, the final Destiny 1 raid that was included with the Rise of Iron expansion. According to the developer, this Destiny 2 raid will feature a breakneck pace, where players are going “full throttle” throughout the majority of the experience.

Nowhere is that more evident than the ability to use sparrows, a first for Destiny’s raids. There have been rumors and hopes that the raids might one day let players use their futuristic speeders to navigate (or even outrun) the encounters, and it seems those wishes have finally been granted.

Of course, even with those teases, there is still a lot of mystery surrounding the new raid. The Last Wish raid promised more boss encounters than Destiny players had ever seen, but the comparisons to Wrath of the Machine suggest more mechanics-focused activities as well.

We also don’t know what the recommended power level will be for the raid, although Bungie did reveal that the new power level cap for Black Armory is 650. Given that Last Wish challenged players at the highest power levels (at time of release), it wouldn’t be surprising to see this new raid offer encounters at 630 or even 640. And with only 3 days to prepare, Destiny 2 players will have their work cut out for them.

Destiny 2: Black Armory releases December 4, 2018 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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